Montana State didn't get enough big shots to beat rival Montana on Saturday night, losing to the Grizzlies by a score of 59-54. However, the Bobcats did get a huge bucket from one student who wasn't even on the basketball team.

During halftime of the in-state rivalry matchup, a student by the name of Joe Thompson had the opportunity to hit a full-court shot for $11,111 -- a promotion put on by Montana Rib & Chop House. Hopefully the restaurant has giveaway insurance because Thompson drilled an attempt to score the payday.

Perhaps better than the actual shot was the reaction from the arena and Thompson's ability to soak up the glory in wake of the bucket.

I will say, that seems like a somewhat modest payday considering the difficulty of the shot. We've seen significantly bigger cash prizes offered for half-court shot contests but I suppose it's hard to complain about getting a big chunk of change from hitting one lucky bucket. Plus, $11,111 may as well be a million bucks to a kid in college. That's a whole lot of beer money.

Congrats to Thompson for seizing his big moment.