Morehead State suspends coach Sean Woods for one game after outburst

Despite plenty of quality college basketball being played over the past couple of days, the main story overshadowing the on-court action was first-year Morehead State coach Sean Woods and his outburst with senior guard Devon Atkinson.

On Friday, Morehead State took action, suspending Woods for Monday’s game against Norfolk State.

“My behavior during Wednesday night’s game was inappropriate and unacceptable. I am truly sorry,” Woods said in a statement. “This type of situation will not happen again.”

With less than six minutes remaining against Kentucky, Atkinson was whistled for a foul and strolled slowly to the bench during the timeout. Woods was not happy with Atkinson's body language, shoving Atkinson toward the team huddle. He then continued to scream in Atkinson’s face, leaving and coming back on multiple occasions. It seemed as if Atkinson was holding back tears toward the end of the exchange.

Many people felt Woods went too far with his berating of Atkinson.

“Near the end of the game, Coach Woods’ interaction with one of our student-athletes was unacceptable,” director of athletics Brian Hutchinson said. “[The suspension] will allow Coach Woods to consider his action and behavior, and allow him time to contemplate the appropriate way to conduct himself with his players and on the sideline.”

Morehead State is currently 3-2, with losses to Maryland and Kentucky. Woods led Mississippi Valley State to the NCAA tournament last season. 

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