Navy allowing free admission to those who win rock-paper-scissors

I hate to give up my secret, but I'm a paper guy. It's the dangerous play, but if you get a good read on your opponent, you're probably going to win more times than not. Unless you're playing against this robot, which will eventually be a staff sergeant in the droid overthrow a few decades down the road.

Hey, credit to Navy for taking a chance and doing something cool. If you beat the team mascot at rock-paper-scissors, you get free admittance to the team's game on Wednesday against Boston University.

If you get to Alumni Hall between 6:15 p.m. and 6:45 p.m., Bill the Goat will be ready to take you on. Beat him, and stroll on in, cash still in your pockets. Lose? That'll be $10 for adults and half as much for anyone 18 and younger. And if you've already paid for Wednesday's game and beat him, a voucher will be given for a future game of your choice.

Imagine if this was done before Duke-Syracuse on Saturday. Hilarious. You'd need like 84 Otto the Oranges just to keep up. Gotta love the charm of small-time college hoops.

By the way, none of this has anything on rock-paper-scissors' much cooler cousin: bear-ninja-cowboy. Much more fun, and burns more calories!

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