NCAA prints flyers of Worldwide Wes, for whatever reason

LOS ANGELES -- This NCAA tournament has already provided plenty of storylines, and, late Friday, we got another one. An odd one, yes. But another one, still.

It came courtesy of USA Today's Dan Wolken.

Pictures of William "Worldwide Wes" Wesley have been distributed to guards.


Why on Earth?

Turns out the NCAA wanted to ensure that Wes -- as the famous powerbroker with close ties to Nike and Kentucky's John Calipari is called by friends -- didn't make it into restricted areas at the Midwest Regional in Indianapolis. So the organization printed flyers with his picture and distributed them to security guards at Lucas Oil Stadium, like he's Al-Qaeda No. 2 or something (The regional site representative confirmed the NCAA distributed the flyers). So bizarre. How about just not letting people who aren't credentialed into credentialed areas, period? Why single out Wesley in a way that draws more attention to a wildly hypocritical governing body, especially when the NCAA has never really concerned itself with Wesley too much in the past?

I mean, Wesley is directly connected to a sports agency.

That's no secret.

And yet he roams each summer at the LeBron James Skills Academy and spends time with prospects, which is a big no-no, according to the same NCAA that conveniently chooses to sometimes disregard its owns rules, for whatever reason. (Probably because it's terrified of upsetting Nike.) Either way, this is excellent. Wesley is banned from doing whatever it is he might do at the Midwest Regional but allowed to kick it with prospects at officially sanctioned summer events. NCAA, never change. You are hilarious.

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