Joel Embiid spoke for nearly every Kansas fan on Saturday night. With high hopes of his Jayhawks advancing to Monday's title game, 1 seed Villanova came out with other plans and jumped out to a commanding 47-32 halftime lead on the strength of 13 3-pointers -- tied for the most in a game in Final Four history.

Embiid took to Twitter to express his frustration in his alma mater, and things got dark quickly as he realized what Villanova -- the team that hails from the same city he plays! -- was doing to his Jayhawks. 

The Jayhawks shot a respectable 43 percent from the floor and made 2 of 6 from the 3-point line, but Villanova's insane shooting from beyond the arc gave the Wildcats a comfortable lead going into halftime.

It doesn't appear Embiid's night will be getting much better if Villanova continues to drop 3s at such a prolific clip in the second half.