Duke is the No. 1 overall seed in the NCAA selection committee's evaluation at this point in the season. The committee chair, Bernard Muir, revealed as much on Saturday morning's third annual Bracket Preview Show -- a midseason look at the top 16 seeds as they currently stand with just over a month left in the season. Tennessee, Virginia and Gonzaga are also No. 1 seeds in their respective regions.

Muir said that Duke and Tennessee were "1A and 1B" in terms of their overall resumes as they evaluated who was worthy of the No. 1 overall seed, but Duke got the slight nod because "strength of schedule won out."

Standing at No. 2 seeds across every region is Kentucky (Midwest), Michigan (East), North Carolina (South) and Michigan State (West). Kentucky is the top No. 2 seed, but in this instance, is sent to the Midwest for two reasons. The first: Tennessee, the second overall team in the NCAA selection committee's estimation, was slotted for the South. And the second reason is because the top No. 2 seed (UK) can't be put in the same region as the top No. 1 seed (Duke), which is why the East isn't an option.

The top No. 3 seed overall is Purdue, which was slotted in the South region with Tennessee, North Carolina and Nevada. The top No. 4 seed is Iowa State, which is slotted in the East with Duke, Michigan and Marquette.

There is still more than a month of games left to play before Selection Sunday's ultimate reveal on March 17, but for now, here is where they stand.


  1. Duke (No. 1 overall seed)
  2. Michigan (6)
  3. Marquette (12)
  4. Iowa State (13)


  1. Tennessee (2)
  2. North Carolina (7)
  3. Purdue (9)
  4. Nevada (14)


  1. Virginia (3)
  2. Kentucky (5)
  3. Houston (10)
  4. Wisconsin (16)


  1. Gonzaga (4)
  2. Michigan State (8)
  3. Kansas (10)
  4. Louisville (15)