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The NCAA Tournament is ready to get going yet again. We hope you're well-rested, because the next two days are going to get really fun all over again. Jeff Borzello and Matt Norlander will be updating early and often on all the scores, news, videos, GIFs, tweets and anything else that people are talking about as we whittle the field from eight to six teams on Saturday night. Read back through our commentary as Thursday and Friday night unfolded.

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7:20 p.m.: Thinking Kentucky probably has been in three of the five best games of this tournament. And about 15 of the games have been truly outstanding. -- Matt Norlander

7:18 p.m.: Calipari to three Final Fours in four years. He will sleep well -- whenever he gets to bed. -- Matt Norlander

7:08-7:14 p.m.: OK, we're tied at 72 here What's Kentucky going to do? Randle down low wouldn't be a bad option. Draw the foul. ... No, AARON HARRISON AGAIN OH WOW THAT SHOT ARE YOU FOR REAL? Aaron Harrison comes alive in this second half to give Kentucky a chance -- and the lead! Michigan calls timeout. Oh, man. We've got 2.3 seconds to go. Here's the inbound ... not a bad call. Stauskas cannot get the shot to go. Wow. Kentucky to the Final Four. This team. What a story. -- Matt Norlander

7:02 p.m.: Nik Stauskas has two shots coming at the line in a 69-65 game with less than three minutes remaining. It's nuts to say this, but Kentucky-Michigan is almost ready to pass UConn-MSU in terms of best games of the tournament. And UConn-MSU has to be top-five, right? -- Matt Norlander

6:56 p.m.: Make it 62-55, Kentucky's biggest lead of the game. -- Matt Norlander

6:54 p.m.: Kentucky now on a 9-0 run, and Julius Randle is beasting (16 points, 10 boards). Wildcats up 60-55 with seven minutes remaining. -- Matt Norlander

6:42 p.m.: Poythress. Told you. -- Matt Norlander

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6:34 p.m.: I do enjoy when a story emerges out of nowhere, no indictation at all that a player can do something so big on a big stage. In Indy, that story is Marcus Lee. -- Matt Norlander

6:28 p.m.: Whoa. Fun start here. Yes, another riveting game in this tournament. Like we'd expect anything else? -- Matt Norlander

6:25 p.m.: The Wildcats are out in front and getting big-time help from Alex Poythress. At 45-39, Michigan trails by the largest margin it's faced in this tournament. Jordan Morgan has three fouls, and that's huge against the Wolverines. -- Matt Norlander

6:12 p.m.: According to Vegas Insiders, Florida has opened as a seven-point favorite vs. UConn. -- Matt Norlander

6 p.m.: Kentucky ends the half on a 15-5 run, and it was the frontcourt players that played key roles. Marcus Lee is continuing to be a major factor, especially on the offensive glass, with 10 points and four rebounds. Nik Stauskas has 18 at the half, surpassing his total from Friday's game against Tennessee (14). It's 37-37 at the half. -- Jeff Borzello 

5:46 p.m.: A 12-2 run put Michigan up by 10, with Nik Stauskas scoring five straight points. But James Young's 3-pointer cut the lead to six and Michigan turned it over. The Wolverines have gotten 15 points from Stauskas, but Kentucky is looking to make a run as the first half heads into its final minutes. -- Jeff Borzello 

5:33 p.m.: Forgot to mention this about Marcus Lee, but the freshman big man played just one minute total in the first three NCAA Tournament games. Another Wildcat with first-round potential coming out of high school -- stepping up at the right time. -- Jeff Borzello 

5:30 p.m.: Maybe Spike Albrecht and Kate Upton will reignite their Final Four-only tweet game. -- Jeff Borzello

5:25 p.m.: Without Willie Cauley-Stein, Kentucky's inside play takes a hit -- but Michigan is continuing to hold its own on the inside, which was a big question mark entering the Sweet 16. The Wolverines did it against Tennessee, and they're doing it against the Wildcats. Julius Randle has just two points thus far, although Marcus Lee has stepped up with three offensive rebounds and six points. Michigan leads by two at the under-12 timeout. -- Jeff Borzello 

5 p.m.: The second regional final of the day is set to tip off. No. 2 Michigan vs. No. 8 Kentucky. WATCH LIVE. -- Jeff Borzello 

4:33 p.m.: FINAL: UConn 60, Michigan State 54. I cannot believe it. More to come from MSG soon. -- Matt Norlander

4:29 p.m.: It all falls apart so far for MSU. Payne's 3 is way too long. Phil Nolan tosses home a dunk on a breakaway and the building is shaking. UConn's going to the Final Four. We're at 59-51 as the game goes to timeout. -- Matt Norlander

4:27 p.m.: Napier sinks all three. -- Matt Norlander

4:26 p.m.: Keith Appling just fouled out by contacting Shabazz Napier on a 3-point attempt with 30.6 left. Oyyyyyy. -- Matt Norlander

4:23 p.m.: MSU ball after a replay review -- that didn't take five minutes! It's 53-49 with 73 seconds remaining. -- Matt Norlander

4:18 p.m.: Man, Keith Appling FINALLY takes a shot -- and it falls. a 51-49 game. Thrilling. I'm so tense! -- Matt Norlander

4:08 p.m.: Man, kind of have to remind myself to breathe here. It's 49-45, UConn, but only because Denzel Valentine and Gary Harris just hit 3s on back-to-back possessions to cut a lead that a Boatright got to 10 prior. -- Matt Norlander

4:01 p.m.: Oh, MAN. Harris drains a 3, but then Napier just drills a triple right in the face of Branden Dawson -- and there's an MSU turnover that leads to a two-handed fast-break dunk by Niels Giffey. The crowd erupts. Chills. It's 46-39, UConn, at the 7:28 mark. -- Matt Norlander

3:59 p.m.: Michigan State now has nine team fouls. UConn's one of the best foul-shooting teams in the country, coming into this game averaging 76.9 percent from the line. Ryan Boatright just sank two more. 41-36 Huskies, 9:10 remaining. -- Matt Norlander

3:55 p.m.: With 9:58 to go, Appling picks up his fourth foul and Michigan State is now in the bonus. Napier sinks both free throws to give UConn a 37-34 lead. The Huskies crowd is LOUD. -- Matt Norlander

3:48 p.m.: And when we come back from commercial, Napier will be back in the game. UConn's gone on an 11-0 run and leads 34-32. -- Matt Norlander

3:44 p.m.: Napier just took an unintentional shot to the nose. In definite pain. Getting looked at behind the team bench now. -- Matt Norlander

3:40 p.m.: Jim Harbaugh in the house, rooting for MSU. Harbaugh's sister is married to Tom Crean, who coaches Indiana, who was a Tom Izzo assistant back in the day. His dad worked at Michigan back in the day, though. Kosher? -- Matt Norlander

3:36 p.m.: Game started so well for the Huskies, and it's not out of their grasp, but they've been completely out of sorts after MSU adjusted. -- Matt Norlander

3:32 p.m.: Payne just hit another shot. He's got 11. Michigan State now on a 16-2 run. -- Matt Norlander

3:30 p.m.: Adreian Payne cans another 3. It's 30-23, MSU, and UConn doesn't look like it's got the right plan to climb back into this. It'll obviously start with Napier, but can Daniels be as assertive? -- Matt Norlander

3:22 p.m.: OK, you're rolling with me for the second half here. I'm posted up on press row at the Garden. I can report Plaxico Burress is here. MSU alum. Taking many photos. Uh ... Danny Ainge is scouting directly behind me. Wonder how tired both of these teams will be as the game goes on. I'd think that favors MSU, if slightly. -- Matt Norlander

3:05 p.m.: HALFTIME: Michigan State 25, Connecticut 21. The Huskies got off to an early 12-2 lead, but Michigan State responded well. The Spartans aren't doing it inside; they're getting open looks from behind the arc in transition and off trail situations. Connecticut is struggling to get any good looks in a half-court setting. -- Jeff Borzello 

2:58 p.m.: This is the Gary Harris Michigan State needed today. He's got 12 points now, including back-to-back 3-pointers to give the Spartans a 22-21 lead with 3:11 left. Connecticut has made just three of its last 14 shots. -- Jeff Borzello 

2:52 p.m.: Nice photo. Payne looks tired. -- Jeff Borzello

2:47 p.m.: Adreian Payne has looked winded on multiple occasions in the first half. Could barely contest Shabazz Napier's layup, has hands on kees at times. With that said, the Spartans are getting open looks from 3 -- and knocking them down. Michigan State hit three 3-pointers in a 3:16 span, two from Payne, one from Denzel Valentine. UConn leads 18-14 with 6:36 left. -- Jeff Borzello 

2:37 p.m.: Adreian Payne and Branden Dawson have a combined one point so far for Michigan State, which is what Connecticut was most worried about. The Huskies' half-court offense is getting a little stagnant, though, driving right into the Spartans' packed-in defense. Both teams will be looking to get out in transition a little bit. Connecticut up 12-5 with 11:12 remaining. -- Jeff Borzello 

2:27 p.m.: Connecticut with early momentum, and starting it on the defensive end. The Huskies are double and triple-teaming Adreian Payne whenever he gets the ball in the post, and the Huskies' guards are harassing Michigan State. Moreover, DeAndre Daniels is picking up where he left off on Friday, getting two buckets in the opening minutes. He needs to be a major factor again.

UConn up 8-2 with 15:43 left. -- Jeff Borzello

2:10 p.m.: Both Norlander and I are settled in here at Madison Square Garden. The arena is filling up, with Connecticut having a significant fan advantage. 

No. 4 Michigan State vs. No. 7 Connecticut. WATCH LIVE in a couple minutes. -- Jeff Borzello


11:18 p.m.: Couple things here. One, we've probably hit the breaking point with reviews at the end of games. They simply cannot and should not take this long. We'll hear a lot of criticism over this going forward. But you should know that the rules committee updates its rules for any non-safety every two years, and the next update isn't coming until 2015.

As for the game, it was great. Second-best of this tourney to UK-Wichita State. Bittersweet to not even see Johnson get that shot off, but so it goes. Arizona's now lost four straight Elite Eight games and done it by an average of 1.8 points, dropping two of those games in overtime. Brutal. That program is starving to get back to a Final Four.

We'll be back here tomorrow afternoon to live blog the final two games. If anything from tomorrow comes close to matching tonight's nightcap, we'll be lucky. -- Matt Norlander

11:13 p.m.: Aaron Gordon finishes with 18 rebounds, which ties a freshman Elite Eight record, per ESPN. Kaminsky finished with 28 points and 11 rebounds. -- Matt Norlander

11:09 p.m.: And the review gives Arizona the ball. ... Here we go. Oh, it's a broken play. Nick Johnson doesn't even get the shot off in time. Wisconsin goes to the Final Four for the first time since 2000 and Bo Ryan is taking his first trip there. We will have only one No. 1 seed in the Final Four this year . -- Matt Norlander

11:06 p.m.: We're in another review. Bring on the columns rightfully bemoaning this. Totally kills the mood. -- Matt Norlander

11:02 p.m.: Sean Miller has no timeout and it's a scurry for Zona ... Nick Johnson gets called for a push-off on Josh Gasser. WOW. -- Matt Norlander

10:54 p.m.:  Frank the Tank, you can take him to the friggin’ bank. He’s got 26 and the quality of this game has only gotten better as it's gone on longer. Wisconsin leads 61-59 with 1:58 to go. Aaron Gordon hit a 3 two possessions back to tie the game. -- Matt Norlander

10:46 p.m.: Man, what a play by Rondae Hollis Jefferson! Nick Johnson had a terrible shot that Hollis-Jefferson slams home to tie the game.

We're going to have Wisconsin with the final chance to win the game at the horn. Traevon Jackson in isolation ... oh, that's a tough shot. We get what we deserve: OVERTIME, BABY. -- Matt Norlander

10:42 p.m.: Tied at 52 with 2:24 left. Game has entered top-four-of-the-tournament status. Doubt it can overtake UK-Wichita State, but an overtime would probably vault it to No. 2. -- Matt Norlander

10:37 p.m.: KAMINSKY WITH A 3! He's got 19 and 10. -- Matt Norlander

10:36 p.m.: Nick Johnson is feeling it and starting to put the team on his back. He'es got 16 points on 6-of-11 shooting. It's 48-47, Arizona. -- Matt Norlander

10:29 p.m.: If you're Arizona, do you live with this stat line? I think you do. Aaron Gordon has zero points but 14 boards and two blocks. -- Matt Norlander

10:25 p.m.: Nick Johnson 3. Boom. It's an 8-0 Arizona run. -- Matt Norlander

10:17 p.m.: Game getting nice and dandy. We're at 41 apiece with 11:22 to go, Arizona getting some up-and-down to this game. Wisconsin was packing in the defense and wondering if the Wildcats would hit a 3. McConnell just did. -- Matt Norlander

10:08p.m.: Wisconsin just took its first lead of the game. Related: T.J. McConnell has three fouls, all in this half. That will not prevent Arizona from winning; it'll only make it substantially harder. This guy is ready to rage, in a positive way. -- Matt Norlander

10:04 p.m.: Kaminsky has 15. Wisconsin has tied the game at 34. -- Matt Norlander

10:01 p.m.: Kaminsky's up to 12 points. Focal point about covers it. -- Matt Norlander

9:37 p.m.: HALFTIME: Arizona 28, Wisconsin 25. I'd say Sam Dekker's got to be more assertive, and I think we'll see Traevon Jackson look for a few more 3s in the final 20. Arizona did not score a field goal in the final four minutes. There's only seven turnovers between both teams, yet the D has been great. Low-scoring, but a very nice watch. -- Matt Norlander

9:33 p.m.: Wild stat on TBS just now: Wisconsin has made 615 free throws this season, a school record. In this game, Bucky's taken just four foul shots so far. -- Matt Norlander

9:30 p.m.: Random thought, but I wonder if Bo Ryan was even slightly bothered by all the "Sean Miller is the best coach to never go to a Final Four" discussion in the pas 48 hours. Either way, the loser of this game will firmly be affixed to that maxim. -- Matt Norlander

9:25 p.m.: A Trae Jackson 3 followed up by Tarczewski's nifty left-handed layup. Tarc's got eight points. Aaron Gordon has been a non-factor so far, but the thunderclap can come any second. The guarding in this game nearly matches what we saw between Virginia and Michigan State. -- Matt Norlander

9:17 p.m.: Bo Ryan has received a T for reasons unknown. You gotta try pretty hard to get a tech in the tourney. -- Matt Norlander

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9:14 p.m.: Wisconsin not forcing McConnell into any uncomfortable situations yet. -- Matt Norlander

9:04 p.m.: Nice watch so far. Arizona up 14-10. There's a whole lotta red in that crowd. Kaminsky has five. We've already seen Sean Miller's death glare twice. -- Matt Norlander

8:54 p.m.: At the first TV timeout we've got a 7-5 Arizona lead. Kaleb Tarczewski looks motivated and determined. For a 7-footer, he's not been as good through two years as was expected. But he's still pretty key. Let's see how much T.J. McConnell tries to play off him down low. -- Matt Norlander

8:45 p.m.: It's time to tip. If you've got reason to watch online or on mobile, DO IT HERE. -- Matt Norlander

8:32 p.m.: OK, now's time for the varsity game. And I'll be taking us through it. Borzello can have himself a big bowl of ice cream, sit back and enjoy. Game starts in 16 minutes. I'll see you soon. Frank the Tank vs. Aaron Gordon. I hope that happens a couple of times tonight. Let's have a close one, yeah? -- Matt Norlander

8:18 p.m.: FINAL: Florida 62, Dayton 52. The Gators are going to the Final Four.

It was a solid performance from start-to-finish for Florida, which used the 19-3 run at the end of the half to provide some cushion. When Dayton made its late run, Florida just wouldn't give the ball up, grabbing offensive rebound and after offensive rebound. Scottie Wilbekin finished with 23 points and three assists to lead Florida, while Dyshawn Pierre paced Dayton with 18 points.

Florida faces the winner of Michigan State and Connecticut. -- Jeff Borzello 

8:13 p.m.: Awesome. -- Jeff Borzello

8:06 p.m.: Dayton seems to have the momentum, but the Flyers can't get the ball. Florida has six offensive rebounds on the last two offensive possessions, and have the ball with 2:37 left and an eight-point lead. Since Dyshawn Pierre's 3-pointer with 5:45 left, Dayton has had the ball for 27 seconds. That's it -- 27 seconds in more than three minutes. -- Jeff Borzello

7:58 p.m.: Dayton's attitude hasn't changed despite the deficit. The Flyers are still moving the ball around confidently on the offensive end, with a 12-point deficit at the under-eight timeout. Dyshawn Pierre has been impressive for Dayton, scoring inside and out -- and also dishing out five assists. He could be a go-to-guy next season. -- Jeff Borzello

7:45 p.m.: Since those two 3-pointers to open the half, Dayton has just two field goals. Florida is on a 13-4 run and is now up by 17 with 11:23 left. Patric Young is completely controlling the paint offensively, getting position near the rim early and often -- and Dayton isn't capable of pushing him off the block. Throw in Scottie Wilbekin driving the lane and Michael Frazier making shots, and it's past danger time for Dayton. The Flyers are in trouble. -- Jeff Borzello

7:27 p.m.: Rachel Nichols is reporting that Wilbekin is having ice rubbed on both thighs and knees. Something to keep an eye on. -- Jeff Borzello

7:24 p.m.: Back-to-back 3-pointers to start the half for Dayton -- lead back to eight. Making the defense collapse in the post and then kicking it out. -- Jeff Borzello

7:05 p.m.: Florida is dominating the paint. -- Jeff Borzello

7:01 p.m.: That was quick. Florida finishes the half on a 19-3 run to take a 14-point lead into halftime. Scottie Wilbekin buried a dagger 3-pointer at the end of the half to carry momentum into the break. Wilbekin has 14 points at the half, most coming in the final few minutes during the run. Dayton needs to get back to what it was doing during its own run -- forcing the Florida defense to move and get out of position, and then bury open 3-pointers. The Gators' run to end the half could be difficult to get up from, though. The opening few minutes of the second half are going to be huge.

Florida 38, Dayton 24. -- Jeff Borzello

6:53 p.m.: It looks like Mike Miller is cradling Billy Donovan. -- Jeff Borzello

6:47 p.m.: Dayton is really doing a good job of making the Florida defense move in the half-court. The Flyers are looking work inside-out, forcing the Gators to double down low and then kicking it outside for an open shot. Dayton is 4 of 9 from 3-point range, but the four made 3s have essentially been wide-open shots. The Flyers' ball movement has been terrific throughout the NCAA Tournament, and while Florida doesn't play a zone like Syracuse and Stanford did the past two games, Dayton is sharing the ball again. Florida needs to rotate more effectively. -- Jeff Borzello 

6:27 p.m.: Florida looking to attack on every possession, whether off dribble penetration or by throwing the ball inside to Patric Young. Young is too strong for Dayton, and he's also rolling effectively off screens. Kasey Hill also providing a nice change of pace at the point guard spot. Dayton is still taking some rushed shots, but the Flyers are getting open looks from the perimeter. Florida up four with 11:37 remaining in the half. -- Jeff Borzello 

6:16 p.m.: Good pace to this early on. Florida is up three at the under-16 timeout. The Gators are owning the defensive glass, but Dayton is doing a good job of getting back in transition. Dayton has taken a few quick shots after beating the token pressure, but the Flyers are likely to be opportunistic and not rushed as things settle down. -- Jeff Borzello  

6:10 p.m.: Tip off time. WATCH LIVE. -- Jeff Borzello

5:51 p.m.: The Flyers will certainly have an impressive contingent of fans tonight. -- Jeff Borzello

5:25 p.m.: Dayton is the big underdog heading into the Elite Eight -- but that's nothing new for the Flyers. -- Jeff Borzello

5:20 p.m.: The first of four Elite Eight games gets going in less than a hour: No. 1 Florida vs. No. 11 Dayton. Can the Flyers continue their unbelievable run to the Final Four?

By the end of the night, we'll be down to six teams and two tickets to Dallas will be handed out. Check out the Viewer's Guide for a preview. -- Jeff Borzello


12:30 a.m.: FINAL: Michigan State 61, Virginia 59. 

The Elite Eight is set:

  • Florida vs. Dayton
  • Arizona vs. Wisconsin
  • Michigan State vs. Connecticut
  • Michigan vs. Kentucky

12:26 a.m.: FINAL: Kentucky 74, Louisville 69. What a comeback by the Wildcats. And Russ Smith's career in college is done. His final shot was a 3 that went begging. Plenty more coming from us in Indianapolis. -- Matt Norlander

12:23 a.m.: The reviews have ... to ... go. We've been waiting forever in Kentucky-Louisville. It takes the drama out of these games. At least the suspense. Leave some of that bloodsucking to the timeouts. Kentucky up 70-69 after a very questionable call against Julius Randle that does not bit the Cats. -- Matt Norlander

12:11 a.m.: Just terrific to see two games come down to it. Now we've got UK and Louisville tied at 66 with 2:10 to go. The Garden here is on its feet, a 51-48 MSU lead with 2:35 to go. Harrell's got four fouls for the Cards, who have the ball. Let's do this. -- Matt Norlander

12:09 a.m.: 3:45 left, Michigan State up five. -- Jeff Borzello 

12:01 a.m.: Louisville PG Chris Jones went down, and he might've hurt his head? His nose? The trainer is now rubbing his heck. We're not sure. It's 64-59 Louisville with 4:40 to go. Hancock's been the reason U of L is still in control, as he's scored the past eight Cardinals points. -- Matt Norlander

11:59 p.m.: Having scored nine points, James Young fouls out with 5:32 to go in a 62-57 game. That takes away a shooting option for UK. Will that be the last time we see James Young in a Cats uni? - Matt Norlander

11:56 p.m.: Adreian Payne is starting to wake up again. And he's letting everyone know. First, he put Mike Tobey through the rim and then stared him down. And just now, he spun on the baseline and finished with a left-handed dunk. Virginia has been responding with several mini-runs this half -- do the Cavaliers have some more punches to throw?

Michigan State is up 45-42 with 7:32 left. -- Jeff Borzello

11:46 p.m.: This is some high, high-level defense. From both teams. Virginia doing its usual pack-line thing and giving Michigan State all sorts of issues, while Michigan State is contesting every shot and guarding for 30 seconds every possession. Will the Spartans get frustrated without getting out in transition, though? Keith Appling is scoreless tonight, and has just six points in the NCAA Tournament. That's an issue.

Virginia leads 40-36 with 10:10 left. -- Jeff Borzello

11:42 p.m.: Borzello, this is some defense to watch. Both sides are giving it a go. A beautiful squeeze. MSU's looked pretty, what's the word ... guh? Yet down just 38-36. Amazing. In UK-Ville, the Cards have a six-point lead and the game (althought I can only watch and not hear) looks to be like UK's going to need to get more out of its guard. The 3s aren't going to work, either. At least not taking them in bunches. -- Matt Norlander

11:32 p.m.: Virginia is up one at the under-16 timeout. The Cavaliers are getting some drives in transition, which isn't usually in their DNA. Malcolm Brogdon is starting to come alive offensively, which is a big boost. Adreian Payne needs to be more aggressive on the offensive end. He had seven early points, but has been held scoreless since. -- Jeff Borzello 

11:28 p.m.: Both games are close here in the second window -- which seemed like a given -- but neither is a great watch. Just some slop-it-out affairs. I'd like to see more of Randle vs. Harrell, but I don't think we'll get too much more of that with how the game is being called in Indy. -- Matt Norlander

11:23 p.m.: Stephen Van Treese just picked up his third foul. Problematic for UK, which also does not have Willie Cauley Stein for the rest of the night due to a left ankle injury. It's 36-35 Louisville. -- Matt Norlander

11:09 p.m.: Michigan State leads Virginia, 31-27, at the half. The Spartans got out to a 10-point lead midway through the half, but Virginia responded with a 10-0 run to tie it up. A couple of Michigan State buckets toward the end of the half provided the margin at the break. Branden Dawson has continued his excellent play of the NCAA Tournament, with 11 points and five rebounds at halftime. Virginia just 11 of 29 from the floor, but the Cavaliers' defense in the latter stages of the half has kept them in it. -- Jeff Borzello 

11:00 p.m.: I'd like to thank Kentucky for making it interesting. It's 34-31 Louisville at the half. The Harrison twins, which some expected to struggle a bit, hit some big shots late. Three fouls on Montrezl Harrell will be something to watch in the second half. -- Matt Norlander

10:42 p.m.: Russ Smith just did something so Russ Smith. We will update you momentarily. UPDATE: Here, told ya. -- Matt Norlander

10:31 p.m.: Second game underway at the Garden. Michigan State up 19-11 at the under-12 mark of the first half. There are a lot more Virginia fans here than I initially thought, but the Cavaliers can't get many clean looks on the offensive end. Moreover, the pack-line defense is getting exploited by Michigan State's ability to knock down perimeter shots. Adreian Payne is being his usual matchup problem, scoring seven early points. WATCH LIVE. -- Jeff Borzello 

10:20 p.m.: Just got back from the Iowa State locker room. It was one of the "better" locker rooms I've been in following an NCAA Tournament loss. Some guys who were down, but I think they realized how tough it would be without Niang. Story on Kane coming. Out in Indy, Louisville leads 16-5 on Kentucky. Bad showing for the Cats imminent? I hope not. WATCH UK-UL LIVE HERE. -- Matt Norlander

9:35 p.m.: FINAL: UConn 81, Iowa State 76. It got close and gripping in the closing minutes. In fact, what a wild ride between the near-collapse in Indy and how ISU made it interesting here. But DeAndre Daniels was so huge. Man, this place is going to be rowdy come Sunday. UConn fans showed well here tonight, but they'd better look to dominate the building on Sunday if they're going to get the edge against whatever team wins in the nightcap here. 

As for ISU, have to wonder if Hoiberg will get or entertain any pro offers, or if he feels like there's more work to do at his alma mater. Rising star in the coaching game. ISU won't go anywhere as long as he's around. But it's about getting a playmaker as dynamic as Kane next year. -- Matt Norlander

9:28 p.m.: FINAL: Michigan 73, Tennessee 71. We will debate about the charge call on Jarnell Stokes for the rest of the night, as some thought Jordan Morgan was moving when he drew the call. GIF should be coming!

Michigan moves on to play the winner of Kentucky vs. Louisville. -- Jeff Borzello 

9:02 p.m.: ISU is taking whatever UConn gives it -- which isn't a good thing. Not a lot of flow, and the Cyclones can't cut into UConn's lead. The Huskies are up 59-45 with 7:59 to go. Napier steadying the team, but it's been Daniels (21 points) who's been so huge. Nobody expected that coming in. The Garden's decent, but it's not been amazing. Emeka Okafor is in the place, by the way. -- Matt Norlander

8:51 p.m.: Tennessee has cut Michigan's lead to single-digits as the Wolverines begin to cool off from the perimeter. Volunteers down nine with 7:02 left with Jordan McRae going to the free-throw line. -- Jeff Borzello 

8:50 p.m.:

8:48 p.m.: DeAndre Daniels, just forget it. He hit a gorgeous step-off mid-range shot, then just canned a 3 to give UConn a 49-32 lead with 14:17 to go. This is the Huskies' night, and UConn fans are already willing and able to plunk down $300 for a Sunday ticket. -- Matt Norlander

8:46 p.m.: About sums it up. -- Jeff Borzello

8:40 p.m.: Tennessee is getting enough offense from Jordan McRae and Josh Richardson, but the Volunteers can't stop Michigan whatsoever. Michigan is sharing the ball, spreading the floor -- and knocking down everything they put up. With the Volunteers not controlling the paint, it's a bad matchup for Tennessee. Michigan up 57-44 with 11:41 left. -- Jeff Borzello 

8:38 p.m.: It's 42-28 UConn. Daniels is feeling it. Almost as if ISU didn't scout him enough to know shoots well above 40 percent from 3 and likes the mid-range shot much more than banging down low. -- Matt Norlander

8:32 p.m.: And here's that great Daniels block from the first half, courtesy of SB Nation. -- Matt Norlander

8:12 p.m.: And here's Hogue's hair. Not bad! -- Matt Norlander

8:10 p.m.: Iowa State fans aren't nearly as vocal as they were to start the game. Because it's 36-26 Huskies at the half. UConn's made seven of its 12 3-point attempts and has eight points and seven boards from DeAndre Daniels. Napier leads all with 12 points. You can tell UConn is exceedingly comfortable playing in this building. -- Matt Norlander

8:01 p.m.: Michigan up 45-34 at halftime on Tennessee. Wolverines' offense is hitting on all cylinders right now. They're are shooting 61.5 percent from the field and 77.8 percent from 3-point range.  Six players have at least six points for Michigan. The big edge Tennessee had heading into the game was its inside play -- but Jeronne Maymon and Jarnell Stokes have a combined four points and three rebounds. -- Jeff Borzello

7:57 p.m.: Dustin Hogue has some sort of inscription in the back of his head. TV cameras will surely pick it up. Will share whatever it is when the image makes its way to the Web. ISU's going to take its chances with Monte Morris on Napier. -- Matt Norlander

7:51 p.m.: You've heard of Hilton Magic for Iowa State. UConn's got some Garden Magic, as Shabazz Napier is 4 for 4 from 3. Huskies lead 25-17. ISU keeping up, but the shooting has been incredible for a clearly comfortbale UConn group. -- Matt Norlander

7:45 p.m.: Michigan now 5 of 6 from 3-point range, with Zak Irvin coming off the bench to knock down two from deep. Moreover, Jeronne Maymon is in foul trouble, as he and Jarnell Stokes have a combined one rebound. Wolverines sticking to the game plan thus far. -- Jeff Borzello 

7:35 p.m.: Josh Richardson is continuing to stay hot. He was averaging 19.3 points in his first three NCAA Tournament games, and already has seven. Tennessee isn't dominating the glass just yet -- but there have been only six total missed shots. Nothing to rebound. -- Jeff Borzello

7:34 p.m.: Shabazz Napier is banging 3s and it looks like a student section in the second level here at MSG. Huskies taking advantage early. A 10-4 lead at the under-16. -- Matt Norlander

7:29 p.m.: Gotta say, it's cool in here, but with Virginia and Michigan State fans not fully in the join, it's not as wild as I thought it would be. Big East title game pre-game was much more amped. Perhaps we'll have the same on Sunday. It's 5-3 UConn early. This game is on TBS and you can WATCH LIVE HERE. -- Matt Norlander

7:23 p.m.: Tennessee having some trouble with the perimeter-oriented attack of Michigan. Wolverines already with three 3-pointers. Jeronne Maymon is having some difficulties guarding Glenn Robinson III. Michigan up 13-7 early. -- Jeff Borzello

7:20 p.m.: Michigan and Tennessee underway just a few minutes ago. WATCH LIVE. -- Jeff Borzello


12:42 a.m.: FINAL: Arizona 70, San Diego State 64. The Wildcats came back in the second half to pull out the win -- with Nick Johnson awaking from his slumber late in the game to score 15 points in the final three minutes of the game. Xavier Thames scored 25 points to keep San Diego State in the game, but he wasn't enough to put the Aztecs over the top. Arizona moves on to play Wisconsin in the Elite Eight on Saturday. 

12:36 a.m.: Impressive. -- Jeff Borzello

12:28 a.m.: For our sake, I hope GP is going to hang out with him tonight in Memphis. -- Jeff Borzello

12:24 a.m.: Nick Johnson just made his first basket of the game -- and it came off a highlight-reel dive and pass from T.J. McConnell. Arizona is now up by five with 2:23 left and San Diego State is reeling offensively. Do the Aztecs have another run in them? -- Jeff Borzello 

12:23 a.m.: FINAL: Florida 79, UCLA 68. Gators have won 29 in a row and will get Dayton for a right to the Final Four. Flyers vs. Florida, and Dayton's gonna give Donovan's team a game Saturday night. -- Matt Norlander

12:20 a.m.: The technical foul Casey Prather just received for halting his momentum on a dunk was the worst. That rule is the worst. GLORY MEN ZEBRAS GOTTA MAKE A SCENE. -- Matt Norlander

12:12 a.m.: Scottie Wilbekin has hit some gutsy shots. It's now 70-63 Florida with 75 seconds to go. Jordan Adams has 15, but a few of his attempts have been ill-advised. Kyle Andrson has a gorgeous left-handed pass that I'm praying gets GIF'd. In defeat, it's a nice piece of evidence. -- Matt Norlander

12:08 a.m.: And Arizona takes back the lead for the first time since it was 22-20. The Wildcats are up 50-49 with 7:09 left. Nick Johnson is still struggling from the field, but the Wildcats are scoring around the rim with Aaron Gordon, Kaleb Tarczewski and co., while T.J. McConnell is penetrating effectively. Can Xavier Thames save the Aztecs? -- Jeff Borzello

12:04 a.m.: UCLA will not go away, and that's got to be a little unsettling for UF. The foul situation is manageable. Florida is dictating the game but UCLA's adapting. 60-55 with 6:40 to go. -- Matt Norlander

12:01 a.m.: Sorry. Gordon's dunk blacked me out, and I just woke up, and it's Friday. -- Matt Norlander

11:54 p.m.: Aaron Gordon's ridiculous dunk. -- Jeff Borzello

11:53 p.m.: Arizona is making its move. Aaron Gordon just threw down a one-handed alley-oop finish -- but Xavier Thames responded out of the timeout with a tough pull-up jumper. San Diego State leads by four with 13:30 left. -- Jeff Borzello

11:37 p.m.: This is why Barkley is a part of the tournament coverage. And Clark nearly losing it is fantastic. -- Matt Norlander

11:33 p.m.: Michael Frazier has 15 points off five 3-pointers, and Florida leads 46-39. For all the bombing the Gators are doing, UCLA's still within striking distance. Jordan Adams is going to need to make himself available very soon. -- Matt Norlander

11:16 p.m.: HALFTIME: San Diego State 32, Arizona 28. That last stretch could end up hurting the Aztecs. The Wildcats cut the lead to four (and nearly one, but Nick Johnson's 3-pointer came after the buzzer) and have momentum heading into the break. San Diego State dominated the glass and Arizona shot just 37 percent from the field. This could be a heckuva second half. -- Jeff Borzello 

11:10 p.m.: This was unexpected. San Diego State is out to a 32-24 lead on Arizona, and the Aztecs are beating the Wildcats at their own game. They're crashing the glass, they're finishing inside, and they're hitting timely 3-pointers. I thought Arizona would the ones taking San Diego State out of its game; it's the other way around. -- Jeff Borzello 

11:08 p.m.: Here's the viral picture of the night. Dayton. Pray for that car. -- Matt Norlander

11:05 p.m.: HALFTIME: Florida 36, UCLA 30. That's a very good sign for the Bruins. UCLA's been able to hang around despite not getting much, generally speaking, due to foul trouble. Steve Alford's got no interest being on pace for 60. The Gators had some good movement and have been able to run with the Bruins. Feels like it should be close in the second half. -- Matt Norlander

10:45 p.m.: San Diego State hanging with Arizona early, up 15-14 with 11 minutes left. The Aztecs are crashing the offensive glass more effectively than most of Arizona's opponents have, grabbing seven offensive boards so far. Nick Johnson is 0 of 4 early -- usually a bad sign for Arizona. When he struggles, Arizona's offense struggles. -- Jeff Borzello 

10:29 p.m.: It's 28-21 Florida at the under-8, but that's not why we're updating the blog. Awkward Big White Guy Dancing is why we're updating the blog. That's junior center Evan Anderson. And look who makes an appearance afterward. -- Matt Norlander

The channel guide for the games can be found here. For real-time updates, commentary and tourney goodness, follow @EyeOnCBB, @GaryParrishCBS, @MattNorlander and @jeffborzello on Twitter.

10:29 p.m.: Kyle Anderson now has two fouls. That will be a problem. Without him, UCLA is very different. Good, but not really capable of beating Florida. The Gators have already made four 3-pointers. -- Matt Norlander

10:25 p.m.: If you want a halftime read, I wrote this morning on UCLA's amazing all-around player, Kyle Anderson. More and more, I love his game. No one like him in college hoops. -- Matt Norlander

10:22 p.m.: San Diego State vs. Arizona, rematch of an early-season battle. Two of the best defensive teams in the country. WATCH LIVE. -- Jeff Borzello

10:18 p.m.: Little bit late on the Wisconsin-Baylor update, but you guys knew what happened when it was a 20-point game in the final minutes. Anyway, FINAL was Wisconsin 69, Baylor 52. The Bears couldn't make shots against Wisconsin's defense, and the Badgers picked apart the Baylor zone. To be honest, what Wisconsin did to Baylor is what I thought Creighton would do to Baylor. Wisconsin just flooded the floor with shooters and forced the Bears into too many rotations. Moreover, Nigel Hayes and Frank Kaminsky finished around the basket consistently. -- Jeff Borzello

10:17 p.m.: UCLA's offense vs. Florida's defense. WATCH LIVE. -- Jeff Borzello

9:41 p.m.: FINAL: Dayton 82, Stanford 72. The Flyers are back in the Elite Eight for the first time in 30 years. Amazing. Get us a shot of the Dayton campus as soon as possible. What a beautiful thing for that program and its fans, who've waited so long for a charmed run like this. -- Matt Norlander

9:32 p.m.: Dayton's gonna do this! This game started in a fun manner, but the Flyers have kept Stanford at arm's length for the better part of an hour. It's been impressive. Archie Miller, give Brad Stevens and Shaka Smart a call for some tips on what to expect. (Older brother Sean knows a thing or two as well.) -- Matt Norlander

9:25 p.m.: Wisconsin continues to roll over Baylor. Up 20 with 6:27 left. -- Jeff Borzello

9:21 p.m.: Nastic just fouled out, 15 points, with 5:04 to go. A bad foul by Nastic on Devin Oliver as Oliver was near the tin. Oliver sinks both to get Dayton's lead back to 10. Flyers gonna do this? -- Matt Norlander

9:09 p.m.: We've had way too many stoppages in game time to review flagrant-or-not elbow situations. And Dayton just got dinged for one. Mark it down. A 64-55 lead with 8:22 to go. Powell hits both free throws to cut it to 64-56. Flyers opt to go small here. Should be interesting. And Powell just got fouled. -- Matt Norlander

8:59 p.m.: Wisconsin is now up 17 with 15:55 left on Baylor. The Badgers are outplaying the Bears at both ends of the floor, and the zone isn't doing anything to slow down Wisconsin. Moreover, with the defense of Wisconsin, Baylor is having a world of trouble trying to come back. The Bears' guards need to snap out of their funk. And soon. -- Jeff Borzello 

8:53 p.m.: This was the highlight from the first half of Wisconsin-Baylor. -- Jeff Borzello

8:51 p.m.: 13:12 to go, Stefan Nastic picks up foul No. 4. Both free throws fall; it's 55-45, Dayton. Nastic leaves with a team-high 13 points. -- Matt Norlander

8:48 p.m.: Jordan Sibert hits his fourth 3-pointer of the game. The Flyers know they'll need to win this by earning their keep from deep. -- Matt Norlander

8:41 p.m.: Dyshawn Pierre just picked up his third foul. It's 47-41 Dayton at the 16:20 mark. -- Matt Norlander

8:38 p.m.: Forgot to mention this last week: Pizza Hut is going all out with a promotion that includes free food. So you know our country will love it. All that needs to happen? Either Louisville, Iowa State or Dayton needs to win the whole thing. If that happens, everyone in America will be entitled to WingStreet wings. Birds = wings, etc. We started with 12 at the beginning of the tourney. -- Matt Norlander

8:30 p.m.: HALFTIME: Wisconsin 29, Baylor 16. It was Frank Kaminsky early, and Nigel Hayes late. Those two have combined for 16 points in the first half. Baylor is just 5 of 24 from the field, making just one 3-pointer. If Wisconsin keeps getting open looks like this... -- Jeff Borzello

8:22 p.m.: Wisconsin is in control against Baylor. The Badgers lead by 14 at the under-four timeout of the first half. Frank Kaminsky has been excellent so far, with 10 points, three rebounds and two blocks. Baylor can't make a thing, shooting 4 of 18 so far. The Bears' shooting performance against Creighton seems like a distant memory. -- Jeff Borzello

8:16 p.m.: At the half, Dayton 42, Stanford 32. Flyers' ball movement has been great. Five players have dropped 3-pointers. Marquette may need to fly a representative down to Memphis tonight to try and convince Archie to take the job. -- Matt Norlander

8:14 p.m.: Yeah, embedding myself. -- Jeff Borzello

8:09 p.m.: Wisconsin continues to find gaps against the Baylor zone, and the Badgers are making the Bears pay in the first half. It's 18-8 almost 11 minutes into the game. Baylor's guards are struggling, with Kenny Chery and Brady Heslip combining for zero field goals thus far. -- Jeff Borzello 

8:07 p.m.: Oh, boy. It's now 42-29 and Jordan Sibert's buried two triples and UD is 6 for 13 from deep. This is serious trouble for Stanford. Not sure it has the capacity to climb all the way back in this unless Dayton goes cold in a hurry. No sign of that now. -- Matt Norlander

8:00 p.m.: Stanford just ended a 16-4 Dayton run. -- Matt Norlander

7:56 p.m.: Dayton is becoming a thing. It's 33-23, Flyers, with 6:00 to go. Would be a real darling if it ended up winning this game to get to the Elite Eight. And Johnny Dawkins just picked up a technical foul. Stefan Nastic and Dwight Powell have five fouls between them, and that dampens Stanford's one true advantage: size down low. -- Matt Norlander

7:51 p.m.: Wisconsin finding some early openings against the Baylor zone. And when the Badgers don't, Frank Kaminsky just makes things happen. -- Jeff Borzello

7:45 p.m.: Maybe the most intriguing game of the night is set to tip: Baylor vs. Wisconsin. WATCH LIVE. -- Jeff Borzello

7:37 p.m.: It's 18-15 Dayton with the lead at the under-12 timeout. Not a bad watch so far. Need more shots of the Stanford band, though. In fact, both bands. Dayton's players aren't a bore, either. -- Matt Norlander

7:33 p.m.: Dayton's already at five fouls. Not sure how problematic this will be. Stanford's just OK from the foul line and Archie Miller can dive deep into his bench. -- Matt Norlander

7:23 p.m.: Richard Sherman and Condoleeza Rice, both Stanford grads, on hand to watch Flyers-Cardinal.

7:19 p.m.: Whoa, what a start for Dayton. Flyers up 10-5 thanks to some Stanford turnovers and open shooting. Wonder if Stanford can keep up with its perimeter shooting. -- Matt Norlander

7:09 p.m.: Tonight will be the first time Baylor and Wisconsin ever play. Huh. Always interesting when we have those situations where two teams from major conferences exist for 80, 90 years and never end up playing each other. -- Matt Norlander

7:03 p.m.: Morgan Freeman was just on my TV, telling me to get excited about college basketball. I think he was also promoting a movie. Either way, I think we all feel wiser for the night because of it. -- Matt Norlander

6:58 p.m.: Didn't even realize it, Borzello, but there you go. Quite soft. As we get closer to game time, I think UCLA can outright win the thing. But I won't go that far because, again, softy.

Archie and Sean Millers are brothers, by the way. It's a thing. Here's a couple photos from when they were younger. Not only are they the first brothers to make a Sweet 16 in the same year, they're the first brothers to ever reach the NCAA Tournament in the same season, according to our research. -- Matt Norlander

6:53 p.m.: All four games, let's get it poppin'. I think your picks are horrendous all over the place. Also, you're hedging so hard with Florida-UCLA. You have Florida in the ATS picks on the site, yet you've got UCLA covering here. Soft move, bro.

Here's what I got. I'll go with Stanford 64-57 over Dayton. Baylor 75-70 over Wisconsin. Florida 77-70 over UCLA. And Arizona 55-44 over San Diego State. -- Jeff Borzello

6:47 p.m.: Borzello, let's get our picks in for tonight. What do you say? All four games. I'll go Dayton 74-70 over Stanford. Wisconsin 76-67 over Baylor. Florida 79-77 over UCLA. And Arizona 64-59 over SDSU. -- Matt Norlander

6:35 p.m.: Welcome back in. We're glad to see you again. Oh, a shave this time? Nice to start this four-day hoops circus off on a clean note. Hey, let's share a few things here before we get the games going. First off, Shabazz Muhammad, who left UCLA after his freshman season in 2013, yeah his dad was sentenced to prison for 37 months after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud. Here's a Deadspin study  that shows us how long end-of-game situations have taken in this year's tourney. Timeouts are expected, but this is a problem that's plagued pro and college hoops. And finally, I love this from Dayton. -- Matt Norlander

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