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Michigan's Charles Matthews has either been living under a rock for the past week, or has been intently locked in on the Wolverines' NCAA Tournament run. Because the sophomore guard admitted on Saturday after Michigan punched its ticket to the Final Four that he doesn't know about Sister Jean, Loyola-Chicago's famous 98-year-old chaplain.

"I don't really know who she is," Matthews said. "I don't know who Sister Jean is, no disrespect."

Teammate Moe Wagner chipped in to help Matthews out, adding that he knew only that she didn't have Loyola in the Elite Eight. Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman also added that he's seen Sister Jean "all over social media" but also admitted he didn't know too much, either.

The exchange begins around the 4 minute mark in the video below.

Sister Jean, for those who have either been hibernating or in the midst of a deeply intense NCAA Tournament run, is Loyola-Chicago's rising star. The 98-year-old is a nun -- and also team chaplain -- for the Ramblers. She has risen to stardom during Loyola's run to the Final Four over the last two weeks.

Whether Matthews is playing it off or legitimately isn't in the know is up for debate, but in any case, should Sister Jean catch wind of the interaction, there is sure to be a playful retort to follow.