Nike trails Adidas in odds on what brand of shoes Zion Williamson will wear when he gets to the NBA

After tearing through the sole of one of his Nike basketball sneakers on national television Wednesday night, updated odds on who Duke's Zion Williamson will sign an endorsement deal with when he turns pro have the apparel giant he primarily reps at Duke trailing its competitor.

According to the latest odds from, Nike trails Adidas with 3-to-2 odds. Adidas, meanwhile, has 5-to-4 odds. Puma, New Balance and Under Armour are all trailing with longer odds, followed by the longest of longshot in Big Baller Brand -- LaVar Ball's apparel company -- at 100-to-1.

Which shoe brand will Zion Williamson wear in the NBA?

  • Adidas: 5-4
  • Nike: 3-2
  • Puma: 9-2
  • New Balance: 16-1
  • Under Armour: 16-1
  • Big Baller: 100-1

Adidas leading Nike might be shocking on its face, but if you're reading this, you're smart enough to know his ties to Adidas are far more than just being the potential beneficiary of its competitor's product falling apart. Williamson repped Adidas gear in high school and at the AAU level, and he played in Adidas Nations in high school, too.

Williamson wound up limiting his final schools to Clemson, Duke, UNC, and Kentucky, all Nike-sponsored programs. But it's possible that connection had more to do with basketball opportunity than the apparel the respective school wore.

Should Williamson indeed declare for the 2019 NBA Draft after the season, as many expect, he'll instantly become one of the biggest names to know as an apparel free agent. With his high-flying dunks, freakish feats of athleticism and marketability, it will be interesting which apparel giant courts and lands him, because the finances involved here could be steep.

Whether Williamson busting out of his Nike PG 2.5s has any impact on that final decision is yet to be determined, but with Nike issuing a swift statement on the matter Wednesday and wishing him well, it's a reminder that they undeniably have their eye on staying in his good graces when he does decide which brand he wants to rep as a pro.

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