No logic for Anthony Davis not being unanimous AP All-American

The Associated Press released its All-American team on Monday afternoon, with Kansas forward Thomas Robinson leading the way. Joining Robinson were Kentucky’s Anthony Davis, Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger, Michigan State’s Draymond Green and Creighton’s Doug McDermott.

The five-team team is fine. I’m not here to argue with the quintet selected.

But when reading the release, this stands out: “[Robinson] was a first-team pick by all 65 members … Davis received 63 first-team votes.”

Davis was not a unanimous pick. Two people -- Scott Reid of the Orange County Register and Scott Mansch of the Great Falls Tribune in Montana -- somehow didn’t vote for him as one of the five best players in America.

To be honest, that’s mind-boggling. There is absolutely no case that can be made against Davis being a first-team All-American. What’s the logic, other than not simply paying attention?

If you believe Robinson is the best player in the country, that’s fine. I disagree – as do most of the Player of the Year awards – but that’s not the point. There are still four other spots on the All-American team – and Davis needs to be on there in some form.

He was clearly the best defensive player in the country, averaging 4.6 blocks and better than 10 rebounds per game. His length and athleticism changed the game on that end of the floor, keeping opponents from even attempting shots around the basket. In fact, Davis was probably the best shot-blocker in college basketball in a very long time.

Offensively, Davis wasn’t dominant, but he improved in leaps and bounds as the season progressed, and also totaled 20 or more points on six separate occasions. It’s not as if he was useless offensively; he was still extremely efficient and shot 63 percent from the field.

Seriously, in what universe is Anthony Davis not one of the five best players in the country? There has to be some ulterior motive for the two people who didn’t vote for him.

Was it an anti-John Calipari vote? An anti-Kentucky vote? An anti-freshman vote?

Not sure, but it was an anti-common sense vote. 

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