Northern Iowa student loses out on $8K in prize money due to unclear half-court shot contest rules

A University of Nothern Iowa student had his prize money reduced from $10,000 to $2,000 after some unclear rules determined that the half-court shot he made went in after time on the clock had expired. Dalton Hinsch was selected for a halftime promotion where if he hit a layup, a free throw, a three-point shot and a half-court shot in a certain amount of time, he would win the five-figure sum. He successfully made all four of his required shots in front of the McLeod Center crowd on Wednesday, with his accomplishment drawing loud cheers.

However, those cheers quickly soured to jeers when the promoter announced that the half-court shot was hit after time had elapsed. The confusion seems to come from the fact that the announcer held his call for the student to throw the ball a bit longer than they should have, seemingly implying that Hinsch had gotten his shot off in time. It also probably didn't help that the shot clock kept the 30 seconds on it, causing some to believe that's how long he had.

The slight silver lining is that the student's feat did not go uncompensated. In a response to the video, and subsequent backlash, the school's athletics department gave Hinsch $2,000, some team gear and tickets to the MVC tournament. The student seems to be taking the reduced prize in stride, tweeting out a thanks to everyone who argued on his behalf.

This appears to not be the first time that Northern Iowa's shenanigans have been pointed out with regards to prizes connected to sinking a half-court shot. Just last year, Bri Lewerke posted a video of herself hitting a half-court shot in response to a student winning $10k for hitting one to juxtapose the prizes each person got. While the unnamed student got money, Lewerke won burritos for 25 fans.

Of course, these all pale in comparison to the most famous half-court shot in UNI history.

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