Ohio U selling its tournament chairs to the public

Schools will sell everything from seats to sweapants to profit off of NCAA tourney appearances. (US Presswire)

Take a seat.

Seriously, Ohio University wants you to take a seat. Well, buy one.

The NCAA tournament is so prestigious and religious for fans because it's an annual whirlwind of emotion, congestion and celebration of a bunch of teams and players they don't know coming close to, or actually winning, basketball games. That's what the first weekend is about, anyway.

Those teams that fans barely know and are cheering wildly for? They love the tournament because it gives them a chance to make a lot of money. Ohio University is accentuating the cash grab by putting up officially licensed NCAA tournament chairs on its site for purchase.
With the shipping and handling included, the price comes to $185. I'm ball-parking this, but having been around these benches, there are about 16 to 18 chairs allotted per team. If they sell 'em all, that's a cool $2,500 or so to the athletic department. Sort of chump change, but hey, sell anything and everything. There are no doubt die-hard Bobcats fans willing to plunk down for one or two of these and add them to their man caves.

I love the language involved in selling these seats. The proper noun of "Official Team Bench" chairs is how you know they're For Real.
These are the NCAA 2012 Official Team Bench chairs (game used) from the Division I Basketball Championships for the preliminary rounds in Nashville manufactured by Spec Seats™. These are the actual chairs the players used during the 2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. These special heavy duty folding chairs are upholstered with black vinyl 3" cushioned seats and backs. The NCAA 2012 Basketball logo is printed on the chair back and "The Road to the Final Four" is printed on the front edge of the chair seat. Also, there is an embossed "NCAA" logo imprinted into the metal chair back for added authenticity. Don’t miss the limited opportunity to own one of these rare collectibles!
Don't miss your chance to sit where D.J. Cooper once plopped his pooper!

More power to these smaller schools for milking everything out of their tourney runs. You see what happens. Their coaches move on to bigger programs after the season ends. Who knows when Ohio's next Sweet 16 will be; it could easily not happen for more than 50 years. Slurp up all the coin you can now.
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