Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy wants to eliminate players fouling out

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With the increase in fouls last season, there has been some discussion about what to do with players being disqualified after five fouls. Some people want to increase the number of fouls before fouling out to six.

Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy has another idea, though.

He wants to make it so no one fouls out, even after five fouls or six fouls or 10 fouls.

From Inside Ole Miss Sports:

Kennedy says a fifth foul should not result in a player’s ejection. Instead, let the player stay in the game and foul as much as he wants. But every foul after five would give two free throws – and the ball – to the other team.

“We’re the only sport where the best players can be eliminated from the game,” Kennedy said. “Let’s just make it where it really has some teeth. If you foul, the other team’s going to get two shots and the ball. You talk about really having to think now as a coach! It still allows the best players to be in the game so that the fans can see what they came to see.”

Given the number of times we saw star players sitting on the bench due to foul trouble, there will certainly be segments of the basketball fanbase that will agree with Kennedy. With that said, I don't think it will ever happen.

Raising the foul limit to six per player is one thing; giving players unlimited fouls is quite another.

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