Oregon coaches tell police Arizona State fans spat on them at game

The Oregon Ducks dropped their eighth game in 10 tries Saturday, but that's not what angered the team most.

According to a report from The Oregonian, Ducks coaches were spat on by an Arizona State student. Assistant Brian Fish and team trainer Clay Jamieson were the ones who took the hits. This happened due to the arena setup at ASU's home venue, Wells Fargo Arena. Students are placed on both sides of the ramp that connects the arean to the inner bowels of the venue.

They opted not to press charges, according to the story. And it wasn't only after the game; heading into halftime, students reportedly/allegedly hawked loogies at Ducks players, too.

Minutes after the incident, the Ducks were followed to their locker room by two university police officers investigating the spitting, which officers told UO staff members was witnessed by at least two people.
In a later interview, Fish said members of the team were also spit on at halftime.
"Say what you want to us but don't spit on us," Fish said. Altman called it "a security issue having us walk through the students on the way out. ... We were in a tough situation at half but that's a poor security there. That's not good."
In the interview, Fish clarified that the students were aiming after the game at Joseph Young, who scored 29 points in the second half for Oregon as the Ducks mounted a comeback from a 20-point halftime deficit. But when asked whether he wanted to press charges by officers, Fish vehemently said no, saying that he only wanted the student in question -- the officers said the student was being held by security inside Wells Fargo Arena -- be reprimanded some other way.
"I didn't want any charges, just for him to be scared (witless)," Fish said. "We all deserve second chances, he's a college kid. But that was completely uncalled for."

The game at one point was heavily in favor of Arizona State. It was physical and emotional throughout. Jason Calliste, an Oregon player, fell and was down for more than 15 seconds at one point near the end of the first half. ASU fans jeered Calliste, and as he walked to the team locker room at halftime, that's when the team reportedly was on the other end of spittle from an unknown source.

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