Outgoing MSU guard Brandon Wood arrested for slapping 18-year-old female

Wood's court date in Cook County is June 1. (AP)
I was just talking about this.

The offseason brings a lot of bad stories. This one's pretty despicable, albeit not that surprising. Not because of the person involved, but because we've seen a trend of college basketball players abusing women in recent years.

Brandon Wood appears to be a walking, slapping problem of a man.

Wood was arrested early Sunday morning after allegedly striking an 18-year-old female across the face after an elongated argument with many people in northwest Chicago. The story (details below) might remind you of an insufferable night you might've had with the wrong crew while in college ... until you realize most of the people involved were all in their mid-to-late '20s -- and that Wood's father was apparently around, too. The glean: This was one long disintegration of a confusing night that got out of hand because Wood was trying to get some intimacy with the cousin of a friend, who happened to be 18.

Wood is getting mocked for what will become instant joke fodder for Michigan fans -- he claimed he was the best player at MSU as his presence became more and more unwanted at the scene of the slap -- but the whole thing is too dumb and inappropriate for that.

You could easily make jokes about Wood's delusion of grandeur here, but the arrest involves hitting a woman, which is classified under one of the five most inappropriate things anyone can do. Also, it's another bad mark for Michigan State, which has had its share of loose cannons in recent years. If Wood wasn't already on his way out at State, he'd undoubtedly need to be punished by Tom Izzo.

The detailed follow-up story on MLive.com has more details of what happened, according to one of the females who was verbally tussling with Wood throughout the night. I've condensed the story for easy quote-blockage:
(Alison) Soria had requested her cousins keep their guests on the three-story house's lowest level, but Wood refused to leave the middle level and began shouting and arguing, Soria said.
"He got really pouty when his advances (on the 18-year-old cousin) weren't going anywhere, and he was not having it," Soria said. "He openly threw a temper tantrum. ... He left the house because he got angry that he was told to go downstairs. He didn't want to take off his shoes. He didn't want to follow the rules, basically. So he was asked to leave."

Over the course of the next several minutes, Wood reentered and exited the house several times, Soria said, each time prompting the home's alarm system to emit a loud beeping signal. That was the last straw for her, she said.

"I lost my temper, ran downstairs and that's when I was like, 'I don't know where you guys are from,'" she said. "'You can tell children live here. I invite you into my home. You need to be quiet.' I was really angry. And (Wood) started cursing at me and saying, 'Do you know who I am? I'm the best player at Michigan State! Don't you know who I am?'" He then unleashed a series of profanities at Soria, she said.

Brandon Wood eventually exited the house again but stayed out front, Soria said. She opened the door and asked him to leave, which prompted the former Michigan State guard to charge at her, threatening to beat her up, she said.

Soria grabbed a nearby candle and threw it at Wood, who evaded the object as it crashed and shattered against Soria's front gate some 10 feet from the door. Soria stepped outside to find her 18-year-old cousin with a swollen face near her left eye. She said she learned Wood had struck the teen with an open hand, then immediately called police.
"Her face was swelling," Soria said. "She did not have a bruise the next day, but her face did swell."
He was arrested soon thereafter, some distance away from the house, and charged with battery, assault and criminal trespassing of a residence. The ironic part about the incident is, Soria claims Wood wasn't drinking Saturday night.
So, why the outburst? If all this is true, Wood either had a rough night or he's got some serious personality problems he has to sort out.

Wood's not seen as an NBA talent, and in fact he's in Chicago due to upcoming NBA draft camps. This: not good at all. Wood averaged 8.8 points per game in his fifth-year senior season, after transferring from Valparaiso. Wood's court date is June 1.
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