PHOTO: Here's the massive scar Kevin Ware has on his leg

Might as well give you a good look at it now, because I'm guessing TV cameras will zoom in a few hundred times this season on Kevin Ware's massive scar. Eye-catching as it may be, at least it's not nearly as nauseating as his injury was.

The Louisville junior guard who broke his tibia in last year's Elite Eight has made a remarkably speedy comeback over the offseason. Not only has he been cleared by doctors to go full-bore in practice, Cards coach Rick Pitino has also said Ware will dress for the team's season opener in less than three weeks.

WDRB's Eric Crawford had a nice piece Sunday about Ware's offseason of publicity, recovery and accepting life as a massive celebrity in Kentucky.

"I can't say it has ever really gone back to normal," Ware said Saturday at U of L's basketball media day. "I don't really go anywhere. I went to Red Lobster a couple of days ago. I was done with my meal, but it was 30 minutes before I could actually leave.

He also got aircraft career-loads worth of mail --- snail mail. As you'd expect, just tons of mail from people who found Ware's story inspirational, but also many others who'd overcome tribulations over their own. And then there were the famous names who took the time to write.

Ware waded through all the mail, and said he answered every piece. He also heard from names you'll recognize.
Bill Clinton sent him a letter, and in handwriting at the bottom, wrote, "You inspired the nation." Duke's Mike Krzyzewski wrote, as did the commissioner of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Marquette coach Buzz Williams wrote to him, and enclosed a business-card sized motivational message: "It's not hard to live through a day if you know how to live through a moment."
"The correspondence with people like that was an amazing thing," Ware said. "But it's a pretty humbling thing when you see kids, or people who have gone through tough times, reaching out to you like that."

Ware's story will rightfully be a big narrative through the first few weeks of the season, and it could carry over into 2014 if Louisville remains a top-five team -- and Ware is able to be most of the player he was prior to the injury.

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