Pod: Doyel in Dallas talking Dunk City, the rest of the Dance

Because it gets the Final Four in 2014, Cowboys Stadium hosts the regionals this year. Wow is that big. (USATSI)

The national voice of CBSSports.com has returned to the podcast. Gregg Doyel is here with me in Dallas, and we're going to watch some games at Jerry's Spacedome on Friday night. So with that in mind, I had to get him on. We're sharing the same hotel. But in the interest of giving you a good-sounding pod, I actually called him instead of sharing the same room and recording person-to-person.

We get into the Thursday night results but go heavy with the Friday action, and look at college hoops big-picture in general as well. He's a national columnist -- that's his purview. So it's good to step back and get the broad interpretation from folks from time to time.

Follow good ol' Gregg on Twitter. He wrote a really good column on Marshall Henderson recently that we touch on quickly during this podcast.


  • From the beginning: I knew he'd give me a little grief for not getting him on sooner. It's tough love! I think it's a compliment.
  • 2:30: Doyel wrote on FGCU on Thursday, here's the column, and here are his thoughts.
  • 7:30: Now we get to Florida. Just Florida. You know, favored Florida.
  • 10:30: Story time. Or: How and why I had an FGCU player on my flight on Thursday. Yes, really.
  • 15:50: Kansas-Michigan.
  • 17:30: What about this Cowboys Stadium setup? Is it a complete monstrosity?
  • 19:45: Thursday night action.
  • 27:20: Some gym talk (??) but a good piece of reflection from Doyel here. It relates to that Henderson column above.
  • 29:40: Wrap it up with some big-picture college hoops stuff.

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