Pod: Final Four stories and wrapping up a fantastic season

Louisville is a fitting champion and that was a very fun season. Let's talk it out. (USATSI)

Bittersweet stuff today, as Jeff Goodman, Gary Parrish and I give you the season finale of the Wednesday podcast. Let's put a bow on it the way you expect us to: with insults, disagreements, tangential stories and occasional college basketball talk. I'm lampooned yet again. No, but seriously, we do run down that Final Four, Saturday's games included, and discuss what will be the lingering memories from this tournament 10 years from now.

Spike Albrecht is now a topic of debate, apparently. Lots of love is saved for Louisville, and we give you a few non-hoops stories from Atlanta as well. Things got violent -- but in a playful way. Enjoy. We're giving you nearly an hour of chatter before we ease into the offseason.

And this isn't the last podcast, or, I should say: The podcast isn't going away. I'll have another one on Friday, and then we'll do them sporadically throughout the offseason, the way we did last year. As issues mandate, the pod will pop up every few weeks.


  • From the beginning: Jeez, I can't even get into this podcast with that mocha tone coming off a full night's sleep, and right off the bat these guys are on me.
  • 3:30: What we'll remember this tournament for.
  • 8:40: Wichita State, how close it came to making a title game (would've been pretty great, to be honest) and how Goodman ticked off Gregg Marshall on national radio last week.
  • 12:00: The greatness of that title game. We won't let the officiating overshadow it. The calls weren't so egregiously terrible; if anything, the national semis were worse.
  • 17:10: Luke Hancock's emotional weekend.
  • 20:05: Rick Pitino's comeback and Greatest Week Ever.
  • 22:00: Michigan and Louisville's prospect for next season, considering what both of these teams will definitely/probably/maybe lose.
  • 30:15: Story time. Our trip to Atlanta. Goodman to me: "You're like a woman." So this went well.
  • 31:50: Stolen credit cards and broken wine glasses. It's like the name of the worst alt-emo record ever.
  • 38:15: Waffle House at 4 a.m. and Goodman not tipping the waitress.
  • 44:50: Parrish thought Julio Jones was Jordair Jett. Just so we're clear. This is Julio Jones. This is Jordair Jett.  
  • 50:20: Wrapping things up. Man, I really think I've never taken so much verbal abuse on a pod like this one. How appropriate. Thank you all for listening. We do love these Wednesday podcasts because they're casual yet informative, hilarious yet inane and in between the stories, we do enjoy talking basketball.

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