Pod: The case for, against Cowboys Stadium hosting four games at once

After the big debate, the guys get to analyzing why Duke is no given to be a Final Four-caliber team this year. (US Presswire)

One of the sports blogosphere's biggest voices is Jason McIntyre, he of TheBigLead.com. He's been on the podcast before and he always brings an engaging fight to the fold. McIntyre is in favor of the debacle MSU athletic director Mark Hollis is pitching: four games at once at Cowboys Stadium next Veterans Day.

Additionally, discourse is had over college basketball's start to its season, a second chance on picking Final Four teams, the forecast on Duke and -- my bachelor party plans? I won't give too much away. Really good for a Friday listen, I promise.


  • From the beginning: Elongated intro eventually segues into the Cowboys Stadium rabble rabble. I'm against it; he's for it. Here's why.
  • 8:30: Some commentary on my end why college hoops' regular season actually starts about as well as almost any other major American sport, NFL excluded.
  • 14:30: Take two on each of our preseason Final Four picks. I initially went with Missouri (winning it all, err, so ... what's new with you?), Kansas, Gonzaga and UNLV. McIntyre went with Indiana, Louisville, NC State and Memphis. So who are we swapping out?
  • 19:15: Duke, a team young Jason foolishly doubted from the get-go. And he still won't toally fall for.
  • 26:05: Georgetown/Big East for a minute.
  • 27:00: Florida's looking nice. Do we think it's got a better chance at getting to Atlanta than Duke?
  • 29:50: NC State, a team Jason's down on, in addition to talking a little UNC.
  • 32:15: Howland and UCLA. McIntyre asks: Is Howland getting a pass because he's liked by a lot of people in the media?
  • 36:00: Wrap it up with a little holiday talk, and Jason trying to invite himself to my bachelor party. 

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