Podcast: Dan Dakich picks the title-worthy teams

Dakich coached for more than a decade before switching over to TV and radio, where he's unfiltered as ever. (Getty Images)

There are few commentators in college hoops with the personality and bravery to say whatever's on their mind like Dan Dakich. Gottlieb's one of them, and he was on Friday's pod. But I'd never had Dan on until today. I think you'll enjoy it. I plan to get him on more in the future, and at that time we can talk contemporary hoops stuff, but while we do touch on current teams, I wanted to go broader with him for his first ep. I like introducing guys into the podcast by getting into their backgrounds and get wide-ranging with it.

Enjoy. The guy is a treat.


  • From the beginning: I let Dakich do what he does best: critique women's fashion.
  • 2:40: How can Dan be such a fashionista when he once did this?
  • 4:20: The biggest difference with coaches in 2013 compared to 15 years ago.
  • 7:50: Dan is a rising star in commentating because he's as unfiltered as they come. But does this backfire often?
  • 9:50: I ask this question frequently, but I do because the variety of guests on the pod can give enlightening answers, like what DD offers up here.
  • 13:30: Dan believes there has been a culture shift in which coaches get the good jobs, for the most part. The reason explained here.
  • 20:00: Down on the Big Ten?
  • 22:30: The man estimates about six teams can/will win the title this year. Let's list them, then.
  • 26:50: Sweet 16-potential teams despite their likelinesss to be seeded 7-10.
  • 28:30: I had to get a good, little-told story from Dan out of him before he caught his place. And this one has to do with a plane, as it were. Bob Knight tried to kick him off of one.

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