Podcast: Doug Gottlieb on ... just about everything

Ohio State's resume is not as good as you think it is, and the Buckeyes are very limited, Doug Gottlieb says. (US Presswire)

I like to refer to Doug Gottlieb's appearances as the Allman Bros. versions of the Eye On podcasts. We burn long. It's a building jam. This episode is nearly an hour, and it's really, really good. From things we saw over the weekend to the transfer rule that could change college hoops to hot women we see on airplanes. And then UCLA, Syracuse, Ohio State . And Illinois, Gonzaga, VCU, Creighton, Arizona. And his idea for a new TV show that has nothing to do with sports. And the BCS national title game. Stuffed pod. Enjoy!

Before the big football game, here goes:

  • From the beginning: Eva Mendes was one Doug's flight on Sunday night, so things get a little off-topic to start because he'd like to talk about that. But since we're talking about beautiful women and the entertainment industry, hopefully this roundabout opening is OK with you.
  • 7:00: I open the floor to Doug to talk anything he wants on hoops, and he goes right to UCLA and Syracuse.
  • 12:10: Touching on C.J. McCollum's injury, which might end his college career.
  • 15:30: Which team is now in serious nose-dive territory? You probably can't guess it.
  • 17:40: Ohio State's slate: actually not that impressive so far.
  • 22:20: Doug and I exchanged views on Twitter last week over the possibility that a new transfer rule could alter college hoops' landscape. He's really good here laying out why it's bad, why we're even at a point where this kind of change is being bantered about.
  • 30:15: Beyond all that, Doug thinks the rule won't pass. Here's why. And then we get into what used to be common but is now stigmatic: progression of a career through three or four years of college. It all ties back into the greater discussion that starts at the 22:20 mark.
  • 41:15: Wanted to go with a random talking point here, so I asked Doug to rate Arizona, Creighton, VCU and Gonzaga from best to worst. I didn't pipe up too much on the pod -- we tend to run long on Doug's appearances -- but I disagree with him on Creighton and Zona.
  • 47:40: The pod wraps up with Doug basically running a dress rehearsal for his radio show opener, as we talk the BCS national title game. This was a long and good pod. I hope you enjoy it. I'll never understand the Gottlieb haters. The guy knows his stuff, does his homework and relates well to listeners.

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