Podcast: Early morning -- 2 a.m. -- look back at Kansas-Michigan State, Duke-Kentucky

Duke played like a team that was ready for the young and still-developing Wildcats. (Getty Images)

It's a podcast record. Wednesday's show didn't start taping until 1:49 a.m. ET time Wednesday. CBSSports.com senior college basketball writers Gary Parrish and Jeff Goodman were sitting in the Georgia Dome as stadium workers broke down the basketball set-up. But those guys were at the two huge, close, exciting games Tuesday night, and we've got a lot to talk about from all four teams. In addition to that, Xavier beat up on Butler Tuesday. Who saw that coming? It's one of the more entertaining pods today. You'll enjoy it, we promise.


  • From the beginning: The how-you-dos. Parrish, clearly tired, but also energetic. Of course there's no way we're getting to the hoops right away.
  • 5:15: Michigan State over Kansas is what we get to first. Remember, Michigan State was in Germany about 72 hours before this. No lag on the Spartans Tuesday night, though.
  • 8:25: Kansas' go-to guy is/will be? Is this a problem right now?
  • 10:27: Duke over Kentucky. We go Duke first. Hey, the Blue Devils did not falter really at all against UK. Mason Plumlee found foul trouble and there was some irregularity at point guard, but outside of that, Dookies can't complain too much today.
  • 12:35: Now, the Kentucky point guard situation is different because Ryan Harrow was sick. Can't really judge Kentucky yet. I have a feeling that is the fair case/state of affairs for this team for at least the next two weeks.
  • 15:25: Calipari called Duke a bunch of floppers during halftime on ESPN and then didn't own up to it at the post-game presser. Lame! Cal, it was funny. You should've stuck to your guns.
  • 19:50: What was the atmosphere in the building Tuesday night like?
  • 22:30: Real quick hit on Xavier romping Butler and then some delayed goodbyes and Goodman trying to convince Parrish to -- hit the bars -- at 2:30 in the morning. I love doing this podcast.

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