Podcast: Jay Bilas on best player in UM-IU; why Florida's the best team

Florida's defense is on pace to break modern efficiency records. (Getty Images)

Since we're smack-dab in the middle of conference season, we're bringing Jay Bilas back to talk 100 percent hoops. No NCAA issues or qualms or scolds. This is all basketball. From the big game in Bloomington Saturday night to Florida's epically good defense to the Atlantic 10's quality to Louisville, Syracuse, the ACC and more.

I like mixing the pods up from time to time, going from breezy convo to random tangents (thanks, Parrish!) to Big Issues Of The Moment to 40 minutes of hardcore college hoops talk. Today's is the latter. Enjoy it. A 40-minute sandwich of information.


  • From the beginning: Introductions and how-you-dos. Bilas has a busy next four days ahead of him. He'll be on your TV a lot.
  • 2:50: Michigan-Indiana preview. Jay will be there.
  • 6:10: Cody Zeller's value and why he's been underrated. Jay says without him, Indiana struggles to win 20 games this season.
  • 8:50: A behind-the-scenes look at how Bilas and the GameDay guys prep for these Saturday extravaganzas.
  • 11:25: College hoops' physicality. Jay has said the college game is more physical than the NBA, and plenty have laughed at his claim. I give him room to explain and make his case here.
  • 16:00: Related: Scoring is down, and there are a few reasons why, but this one is the biggest of all of them.
  • 19:35: Jay's pick for the most underrated team out there.
  • 21:50: Louisville's recent slide doesn't suggest bad things going forward.
  • 23:40: Syracuse is not as good this year as it was last year or the year when Wesley Johnson took the team to a No. 1 seed in 2010.
  • 26:00: Who Jay would pick first at the college level: MCW, Russ Smith or Doug McDermott.
  • 28:20: The Atlantic 10 is a happy mess. But will the league get four bids?
  • 30:50: Now it's time to discuss how Florida is this good and why we need to accept it as the best team. It's on pace to shatter a defensive record.
  • 36:40: Why we need to take the results of a lot of games over the next three weeks with a grain of salt. But it's late in the season! Still, listen as to why some wins or losses might be vexing.

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