Podcast: Jerry Palm gabs bubble and unprecedented bracket volatility

Memphis is building a gaudy record, but Palm says it won't likely pay off with a high seed. (Getty Images)

With the NCAA tournament officially less than a month away, it's definitely time to start getting full-blown bubble on everyone. CBSSports.com's Jerry Palm comes back on to talk not only those on the final seed lines but also the bracket in general.

The 1-3 seeds are as interchangeable right now as Palm can ever remember.

And what of those in that cushy middle, the 6-9 seeds? We get into that as well. How has the committee changed its guidelines in recent years, and what does that say of Virginia, Indiana State, Saint Mary's and Memphis? Plus, where would UConn be seeded now if it was eligible? Nom, nom, nom: so many delicious topics to get to.


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  • From the beginning: How Palm actually goes through and puts together his bracket. A labor of love. "My process is pretty involved."
  • 6:00: The media is mock-bracketing in Indianapolis as this posts. Jerry has been to three of those sessions in the past, and I wanted to know what he learned/gleaned from the process.
  • 11:00: Virginia! Virginia fans hate Jerry. And here he tells everyone that he doesn't think the Cavs will be in this year's field. This turns into a discussion on how/when the committee uses Sagarin, KenPom, BPI and the like. Palm, safe to say, is not a fan of using these tools when it comes to his bracketing -- because the NCAA doesn't take them into account/officially endorse them.
  • 15:55: Highest/lowest RPI teams to make/miss the NCAAs.
  • 17:35: Let's talk those No. 1 seeds.
  • 21:15: The team in Jerry's bracket I was most surprised at.
  • 22:30: VCU/Memphis/Butler.
  • 27:10: Who is stronger and weaker than the general public thinks?
  • 31:20: Saint Mary's probably can't lose another game until Gonzaga in the WCC title game.
  • 33:50: Chic team with good record in a good league that's got virtually no chance at getting in. Great stat invoked by Jerry here.
  • 35:30: Mountain West love!
  • 39:00: Where would UConn be seeded right now? And NC State has a weird profile. An 8 seed right now and yet a top-20 RPI. Why? And other wrap-up topics.

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