Podcast: New Kentucky, Alex Len's blowing up, boycotting battleship games

San Diego, from above, as Syracuse and San Diego State played under the sun on Sunday. (Getty Images)

It was a bad weekend for college basketball in two phases: all three games on ships were either canceled or marred in some way; UCLA's Shabazz Muhammad was ruled ineligible "for now." The Muhammad stuff can wait for later in the week; on Monday's pod, Sports Illustrated's Luke Winn talks about if these games on ships should continue at all. He was also at Kentucky's win over Maryland on Friday, with some fun takeaway for both teams. Also, should Ohio State be considered a reasonable Final Four favorite and a lot more from the opening weekend of college hoops.


  • From the beginning: We take off with some Brooklyn/Barclays Center talk and segue that to the Kentucky-Maryland game. This takes up more than one-third of the podcast. Everything from how this Kentucky team compares to any other under John Calipari, to Alex Len's potential, to reasonable expectation for Jarrod Polson's contributions this season. Whole bunch to get into. Maryland fans' anger is apparently back as well, which signals big things!
  • 17:00: So, the games on ships really were a bust this weekend. I might be alone, or close to it, in not wanting to kill of the idea altogether, though.
  • 22:00: Winn's preseason All-Americans basically gives me an excuse to talk about Nate Wolters, although to be fair, before recording the pod, Winn did push for this as a topic.
  • 27:30: Ohio State as a reasonable Final Four pick. Let's just gnaw on that for a minute, since Aaron Craft was a factor offensively over the weekend.
  • 29:50: A couple of weeks back, Winn wrote this piece. It's unique and a fun read, especially for hoops junkies -- and ones who are at least 35 years old. But you young boys and girls could learn a thing or two from it as well.
  • 37:30: The games and tournaments to look forward to most as we look at the next 10 days of college basketball.

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