Podcast: Picking apart our preseason picks and top 100 players

Indiana is on the precipice of a huge year. National title? Final Four? Player of the Year? We'll see. (Getty Images)

It's a two-part pod today. We return to regularly scheduled programming, with Jeff Goodman and Gary Parrish coming back on with yours truly every Wednesday from now through the end of the season. But this time, Goodman and Parrish couldn't line up their schedules. So the first half is Parrish, the second Goodman. I'm stuck in the middle, the moderator of this debate.

We touch on the gobs of preseason content that's been posted on the site, and even flirt with the political. Yes, briefly, political. Bust mostly hoops, as it should be. Did you see our top 100 players list? It's a doozy. We get into that and much, much more.


  • From the beginning: Parrish wants to talk about himself.
  • 2:45: Parrish patronizes Goodman and then throws him under the boss.
  • 4:10: Our top 100 list. Let's talk about it.
  • 8:42: I'm not sure how or why we started talking about this, but Parrish and I get sentimental over why college basketball is just such a fun sport to cover.
  • 13:00: Here's the CBSSports.com All-American teams, which were compiled solely by Goodman and Parrish. But how do they come to agreements?
  • 21:00: Now it's Goodman's turn. And why are we talking about the presidential debate?
  • 23:28: Circling back with the All-Americans and Goodman gives his side of the argument.
  • 25:22: Giving a quick couple of minutes to an incoming freshman that a lot of people don't realize is really good right now but should have a fantastic year.
  • 28:20: Goodman wrote this on Cody Zeller recently. We go further into Zeller's potential and Indiana in general.
  • 33:30: Goodman's Final Four is Indiana, Gonzaga, Arizona and Louisville with the Cards winning it all. He makes his case.
  • 39:50: Wanted to discuss UCLA and the waiting game with Kyle Anderson and Shabazz Muhammad.
  • 42:23: And as much as I'd like to end the pod, Goodman has to get in a few shots at Parrish and his Wiffleball game. I am in awe at the man's ability to dominate America's greatest barbecue activity.

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