Podcast: Pomeroy and Prospectus prepare you for the season

The rankings were released this week, but what do they mean, and what is their influence for the year ahead? (KenPom.com)

We wrap up #CBBGeekWeek with a power-packed pod that is Pomeroy'd and Prospectus'd out. Ken Pomeroy released his much-anticipated rankings this week, and John Gasaway,  the editor of the best preseason college hoops zine, Basketball Prospectus, hops on as well. Gasaway made his way up to Albany, out of New Jersey, where he is still without power. We very much appreciate his dedication and am glad that he and his house are safe, all things told.

The two and I toss ideas around about how the sport's evaluation tendencies have improved in the past five years, but also criticize a certain tug from many fans and writers who'd rather not embrace that kind of topic. DECLARATION: This is not a podcast only for the geeks; all are welcome to listen, and in fact will enjoy it all the more if you're fans of tossing Jeff Goodman and Gary Parrish under the bus -- because that definitely happens.

And again, head to BasketballProspectus.com early next week to order the zine.

Full geek mode:

  • From the beginning: Story time and good wishes and thoughts with those affected by Hurricane Sandy. There's some heart story-swapping to get to before we go to the numbers.
  • 7:20: Here's where the pod springs off from Wednesday's discussion. (Consider all the pods this week as three parts to one "episode." And while it works best if you listen to Monday's, then Wednesday's, then today's, by no means is that mandatory. But listen to all if you can find the time today and through this weekend.)
  • 14:30: Gasaway gets his turn to chime in on how fans and writers are reacting to college hoops. "What we're lacking is not simplicity but ... the habit."
  • 18:100: Goodman, I'm pointing you specifically to this point because you've never heard me love you like I do here.
  • 19:50: Talking Ken's rankings. The good and bad. There is room to criticize, as always, on this podcast. Snark level: somewhat high from Ken. I like it.
  • 22:00: A question from an emailer, and a really, really good one.
  • 29:20: Maryland seems way, way too low, and Scott Van Pelt is called on the carpet by Ken.
  • 33:40: Moving on to the Basketball Prospectus book, which John does an incredible job with and actually contributes to this year -- with actual words!
  • 37:30: Damn, that's an incredible get for the book's foreword.
  • 39:50: Wrapping up the pod by discussing Nate Silver, who is taking heat these days the way sports stat guys used to. Silver is known for using poll data to project elections, though he has roots with Prospectus. (And is a former podcast guest!)

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