Podcast: The first of many NBA draft chats (don't worry, we keep it fun)

Kentucky: sending five underclassmen to the draft. (Getty Images)

It's the best of both worlds: college hoops and the NBA. You NBA haters can bring it down a notch already, because today's pod is a blast. I bring on Eye on Basketball senior blogger Matt Moore to chat draft.

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With Kentucky's five underclassmen officially heading off to The Association, draft prep is ready to start in earnest. So what are teams doing right now? You might be surprised at how little anyone really knows, outside of Anthony Davis being the clear-cut No. 1 pick. We talk a few guys who could really fluctuate in this year's draft, but overall, this is an intro to a few more pods coming down the pike as we prepare for what should be a pretty solid 2012 professional selection process.

Audio chart:
  • From the beginning: Some how-you-dos with Moore and catch-ups with the NBA season for those of us who like it, but don't love it, and could be a little out of touch in terms of with how it's gone overall.
  • 6:56: Matt's a Missouri grad, so I make him relive the Norfolk State disaster.
  • 8:38: On to the draft. Here's the secret right now: Because we're waiting on the lottery, nobody knows anything right now, not even NBA general managers.
  • 11:05: Pre-draft workouts. How much impact do they have on decision-making, and is it too much? After all, college basketball in totality offers more tape evidence than college football.
  • 15:55: Picking a few players and bantering about which teams, regardless of draft position, would benefit the most. We start with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
  • 19:30: What about Austin Rivers? To me, a guy that has to go to the right team in order for his talent to match his potential.
  • 25:05: Oh, Perry Jones III, what do we do with you?
  • 28:20: Pod wrap-up. Matt had to go spend another six hours writing and watching tape. He's a loon.

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