Podcast: The one and only, and terrific, Verne Lundquist

Barack Obama with Clark Kellogg and Lundquist during Duke-Georgetown on Jan. 30, 2010. (Getty Images)

One of the biggest and most jovial voices in the history of American sports television is today's podcast guest. Verne Lundquist just finished up his 30th year working for CBS, and with that anniversary, we had to get him on the pod to tell a story -- or 10. We also couldn't pass up having him discuss Penn State, given the Freeh report's damning new findings re: Joe Paterno and all things wrong with that debacle.

Seriously, the man is a deeeee-light. I've about 20 questions still sitting in a Word doc that I didn't get to. If you're liking this one as much as I did, I'm thinking we'll get him back on the pod next summer as well.

Hope you're having a terrific July. Cue this up for some easy listening over the weekend, whether driving to a lake or enjoying the rays on the porch. I give you, Verne Lundquist.


  • From the beginning: A bit about where Verne lives and what he's up to, since he has an August-to-April assignment deal with CBS.
  • 3:25: How Verne got into the business. He did not major in broadcasting, and in fact his first assignment over the air wasn't on television. The storytelling gets going right away. Seriously, this is great. I don't normally listen to podcasts back in full after I do them, but I put this one on in the background while I cleaned up my apartment. 
  • 13:08: What's the weirdest sports event the man has ever covered?
  • 15:05: How much time does Verne think he'll stay behind the mic? We've got an announcement of sorts!
  • 18:40: Discussing the business and how Lundquist goes about his and why his style has remained true and natural for almost five decades. 
  • 24:50: What's the biggest game Verne's called in the history of his career? Probably Duke-Kentucky in '92. But I wanted to know the one he was most jazzed about BEFORE he knew what was going to happen. 
  • 28:20: Why do certain calls become memorable? How does he embrace a big moment so quickly? Then we get into classic calls and the guys Lundquist looks up to most.
  • 34:30: Pod wraps up with Penn State and Paterno talk. Since Verne is a big part of college football on our televisions, and even though he's an SEC guy now on CBS, he still knows Penn State. I wanted to offer him a chance to opine, since he seldom can as a play-by-play guy.

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We're in the offseason, of course, meaning the podcast won't be coming at you three times a week -- but it will still be doled out with some regularity, give a week here or there. We want to strike the balance between keeping hoops on your radar but not needlessly putting to podcasts just to put out podcasts. When we've got good content and guests, you'll see your subscription refreshed in your iTunes. Speaking of that, if you're not already subscribed, please do so now.

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