Podcast: The Pac-12’s scheduling approach to Arizona vs. UCLA is nonsensical

Why would the Pac-12 have a scheduling formula that doesn't maximize the number of interesting games that can be played? More specifically, why aren't UCLA and Arizona forced to play each other twice every regular season no matter what just like Duke and North Carolina are forced to play each other twice every regular season no matter what?

I wrote about this flaw in approach Tuesday.

Then Matt Norlander joined me on the Eye On College Basketball Podcast -- at which point we discussed the issue further. Simply put, the Pac-12 not guaranteeing two games between its two biggest brands each year is a mistake. And the fact that the Wildcats don't have to visit either USC or UCLA this season is bad for the conference race and the conference in general. Can you imagine the ACC not having Duke and North Carolina play twice every regular season? Answer: Of course you can't. Because it would never happen. Because the ACC understands Duke-North Carolina should be maximized every regular season. And the Pac-12 would be wise to follow that approach with, at the very least, Arizona-UCLA.

Rick Pitino recently said he thinks the one-and-done rule will soon be gone.

Is he right?

Norlander and I discussed that topic for a bit.

Then we closed on Mitchell Robinson's decision to leave Western Kentucky for good.

The latest Eye on College Basketball podcast is below.

Give it a listen.


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