Podcast: Which teams won't get better in 2013? Which will?

Peyton Siva and the Ville have a big test and immense local/national game against Kentucky this weekend. (Getty Images)

To all who celebrate Christmas, we hope you had a good one. The podcast remains as scheduled, meaning the Wednesday edition has Goodman and Parrish back on to quibble with each other in between yours truly playing referee. In today's edition, we look ahead to four really good games this weekend, but also talk about that great Christmas night game between Arizona and San Diego State, in addition to forecasting which teams are most likely to turn it around -- or not grow all that much -- once the new year gets here.

After the wrap:

  • From the beginning: Parrish bought his kid an ATV, and other Christmas tidbits. I was gonna get this going with hoops right away, but I told myself that Parrish would have some Christmas anecdote to lead us off. And he did without missing a beat.
  • 8:50: Arizona-San Diego State was a really nice one Tuesday night. Arizona won thanks to Nick Johnson making what will be one of the best plays of the season.
  • 14:25: Who won't get better? We talk about waiting on teams, watching them mature and seeing what they'll become February. But some teams have already fully fermented. Who?
  • 20:20: Baylor-Gonzaga is the first of four really good games this weekend. We examine.
  • 21:40: Things get a little hairy -- and hilarious -- with some tech difficulties. We don't try to hide the warts on this podcast. This is us reacting to the machine fighting back against Parrish's voice.
  • 23:10: UCLA hosts Missouri on Friday, and might Larry Drew II (finally) be on the verge of turning into a really good player. Or is that overblown? Also: Should UCLA win this one?
  • 28:00: UNLV-UNC. If North Carolina can't beat UNLV, then what? I'll tell you: the schedule gets even more intimidating in the two weeks ahead.
  • 32:45: Kentucky-Louisville is how we wrap this one up. Needless to say, we're intrigued and don't know what to expect. Gorgui Dieng might play, might not, and thus our predictions remain futile.

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