Poll Attacks: An AP voter from Montana has no idea Clemson lost at home to Nebraska last week

I used last Monday's Poll Attacks column to show how Jeff Call, one of 65 AP voters, had no idea what LSU did in the previous week -- evidence being that he moved the Tigers up from No. 22 to No. 17 on his ballot despite two losses, one of which came by double-digits to unranked Oklahoma State. Matt Norlander read the column. Then he tweeted the following:

To answer Norlander's question, I have no idea how this stuff keeps happening. You'd think AP voters would be so worried, at this point, about being exposed as careless or ridiculous (or both) that they'd take their responsibility a little more seriously. But nope!

The latest example is Scott Mansch.

You might recognize Mansch as a man whose ballot has been a frequent target of this Poll Attacks column over the years. He works for the Great Falls Tribune in Montana. And, just like Call had no idea LSU went 1-2 two weeks ago, Mansch has no idea Clemson went 0-1 last week. How else to explain him moving Clemson up from 18th on last week's ballot to 16th on this week's ballot after a loss at home to Nebraska?

I mean, I like Nebraska as much as the next guy; I have the Huskers 22nd in the Top 25 And 1. But you can't really rationalize moving Clemson up two spots on an AP ballot after a loss at home to Nebraska under any circumstances -- and especially if you don't have Nebraska ranked above Clemson, which, of course, Mansch does not. Tim Miles' Huskers aren't on Mansch's ballot at all. And if you're wondering why, it's simple: If Mansch has no idea Clemson lost at home last week to Nebraska, that means he also has no idea Nebraska won on the road last week at Clemson. So this oversight is a failure on multiple levels.

Again, I have no idea why this keeps happening. Checking box scores, at a bare minimum, is not that difficult. But let the record show that I'm personally glad this does keep happening because it makes my commitment to writing about nonsensical AP ballots each Monday way simpler than it really ought to be.

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