Poll Attacks: I have found some West Coast bias

Happy New Year.

Let's get some Poll Attacks in before midnight.

Associated Press poll: Syracuse is ranked seventh in the AP poll, seventh in the coaches poll, seventh in the Top 25 (And one), eighth at KenPom.com and ahead of San Diego State by pretty much every measuring device and according to pretty much everybody in the world -- except for Jon Wilner.

He's one of 65 AP voters.

Sixty-four of those voters have Syracuse ranked somewhere between fifth and 11th.


He has Syracuse ranked 23rd.

So Jon has Syracuse ranked 12 spots lower than anybody else has and 14 spots lower than where he's ranking San Diego State, a team that has more losses than the Orange in part because San Diego State lost to the Orange in San Diego by 12 points. Yes, that game was played in November and outside. But it still counts -- yet Jon is still ranking San Diego State way ahead of Syracuse while ranking Syracuse lower than anybody else and San Diego State higher than anybody else.

And did I mention he's from California?

West Coast bias at its finest.

Coaches poll: There are fewer than 10 teams with a better chance to win a national title than Kentucky. I really believe that. But I also believe the Wildcats should be unranked right now because the polls should on some level reflect what's actually happened on the court, and Kentucky's body of work to date isn't rankable. So I have no issue with the coaches keeping the Wildcats out of their Top 25. But what I don't understand is how the Wildcats could drop out of the Top 25 after a week in which all they did is lose 80-77 at Louisville.

Seriously, all UK did last week was lose a one-possession game.

To the team ranked fourth.

On the road.

And for that, the Wildcats dropped from 23rd to out of the coaches poll, from 108 points to just 31. Which means the coaches penalized the team they thought was 23rd last week for losing a close game on the road to the team they believe should be ranked fourth.

That's obviously stupid, right?

Shouldn't No. 23 lose on the road to a top-five team?

And when it happens, why should it make you think any less of No. 23?

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