I have Kansas and Baylor higher than she has Kansas and Baylor. And I don't agree with her decision to place UCLA above Arizona. And putting 16 schools ahead of Virginia on a Top 25 ballot seems weird even if that second-half collapse at Syracuse this past weekend was embarrassing.

But those are all subjective things.

And I'm not here to write about subjective things.

I'm here to write about things that, when highlighted in the weekly Poll Attacks column, are difficult to defend, which means I'm not going to spend any time on what Krista Pirtle is doing with Kansas, Baylor, UCLA, Arizona or Virginia. I'm just going to focus on what Krista Pirtle is doing with Cincinnati.

Because I don't get what she's doing with Cincinnati.

Pirtle has Cincinnati 19th on this week's AP ballot.

That's eight spots lower than where the Bearcats are in the AP poll and seven spots lower than where I have them in the CBS Sports Top 25 (and one). Which is fine. Honestly, that's fine. I think you can reasonably have Cincinnati anywhere from 10th to 20th at this point. So I don't have an issue with Pirtle having Cincinnati 19th. What I'm wondering is why she dropped the Bearcats from 16th to 19th this week.

Yep, Pirtle had Cincinnati 16th last Monday.

Now she has Cincinnati 19th.

So all that winning is just killing the Bearcats on her ballot.

Cincinnati, for those who don't know, is 21-2 and on a 14-game winning streak. The Bearcats haven't lost in more than two months. They won a close game at Tulsa last Wednesday, then beat Connecticut 82-68 on Saturday. So they had a good week. But Pirtle still dropped them three spots.

Now contrast that with how she handled Saint Mary's.

Last week Pirtle had Saint Mary's 15th and Cincinnati 16th. Then both won two games against unranked opponents. And she moved Saint Mary's up four spots to No. 11 and dropped Cincinnati three spots to No. 19.


Perhaps you're assuming it's because Saint Mary's' wins were better than Cincinnati's. But that would be an incorrect assumption. Because Cincinnati beat the teams ranked 108th (UConn) and 114th (Tulsa) at KenPom last week while Saint Mary's beat the teams ranked 252nd (San Diego) and 257th (Pacific). In other words, Pirtle had Saint Mary's and Cincinnati right next to each other last week. Then Cincinnati added two wins better than the two wins Saint Mary's added, and Pirtle responded by shooting Saint Mary's up four spots and dropping Cincinnati three spots.


I don't know.

But I also don't know why the Falcons kept throwing the ball Sunday night.

So the whole world is confusing me these days.