Poll Attacks: One AP voter moved Houston up and into the top 10 after loss to Temple

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This time last week there were three undefeated teams in college basketball -- specifically Virginia, Michigan and Houston. But now there are only two. And that's because Houston lost last Wednesday at Temple. The final score was 73-69. It's why the Cougars dropped from 17th to 21st in this week's AP poll.

But what if I told you one AP voter moved Houston up?

Inexplicably, it's true.

The voter's name is Chris Murray. He had Houston ranked 11th last week. Then Houston lost on the road to a Temple team that's ranked 72nd at KenPom, and Murray, for some reason, moved the Cougars up.

He now has them 10th.

To be clear, there's nothing embarrassing about losing at Temple; the Owls are currently 13-3 -- and Houston was actually an underdog in that game. But, that said, a legitimate top-10 team, long as we're being honest, wouldn't be an underdog at Temple. And, surely we can all agree, moving anybody from 11th to 10th on a ballot after a loss to a team ranked in the 70s at KenPom makes no sense at all.

My guess is that it's simply an oversight.

(It's something that happens <em>all</em> <em>the</em> <em>time</em> with AP voters.)

Because you can tell from reading this that Murray is following things closely. But when you realize he dropped Indiana from 21st on last week's ballot to completely off of this week's ballot when all the Hoosiers did in between is lose 78-75 on the road to a Maryland team that's 19th at KenPom, you have to acknowledge there's a logic-breakdown (or an oversight) somewhere considering in the same week he also moved Houston up for losing to a Temple team that's 72nd at KenPom.

Either way, my weekly #PollAttacks column was built on stuff like this.

Happens every Monday.

Never fails.

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