Poll Attacks: One AP voter probably didn't realize Villanova lost at unranked St. John's

So I was laying around Sunday, watching Villanova-St. John's while working on the Top 25 And 1, and when the Wildcats took a 29-10 lead, I went ahead and updated my daily college basketball rankings to reflect a road victory for Jay Wright's team. Then I fell asleep. And I honestly didn't realize that the Red Storm came back to win until I got a text from a friend who is a St. John's fan at some point Sunday night.

In other words, I almost messed up. Which is my way of saying I totally understand how somebody else could've actually messed up. Which is my way of saying I'm not mad at Edgar Thompson for making what appears to be an honest mistake. Which is my way of saying this might be the gentlest #PollAttacks ever.

Thompson works at the Orlando Sentinel.

He had Villanova ranked 14th on last week's ballot.

Then the Wildcats went out and lost a game in which they were four-point favorites to win against an unranked St. John's team that entered with a 6-6 Big East record, and Thompson responded by moving Villanova up two spots to No. 12 on this week's ballot. Obviously, that makes no sense. And the #PollAttacks column is dedicated to highlighting things that make no sense. So here we are.

But, in fairness, Thompson likely just assumed Villanova won the same way I initially assumed Villanova won. And, beyond that, he was covering the Daytona 500 on Sunday and thus focused on other things. So let's just chalk this up to what happens sometimes to spread-too-thin sportswriters and move on with our lives, OK?

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