Poll Attacks: One AP voter seems unaware that Arizona State just lost at home to Princeton


I'm hesitant to focus this #PollAttacks column on the AP ballot that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Ben Steele submitted this week because he's one of only 12 voters ranking Tennessee No. 1, and, as the Top 25 And 1 shows, I can totally get down with that. In fact, the first 12 schools he has ranked are the same first 12 schools I have ranked. So we're pretty much on the same page, Ben Steele and I.

But he lost me at No. 13.

And that's because at No. 13 he went with an Arizona State team that dropped to 9-3 on the season, and to 49th at KenPom, after Saturday's home loss to Princeton. Not sure if you know this, but Princeton is not good. The Tigers were ranked 197th at KenPom before they played Arizona State thanks in part to a 6-5 record featuring losses to Lehigh and Fairleigh Dickinson. So it's obviously incorrect to rank a team 13th that just lost to a team of that caliber -- especially when you consider no team in this week's AP Top 25 poll has a loss anywhere close to as bad as that loss. It's why Arizona State is no longer ranked.

And you know what?

I bet Ben Steele agrees with me.

Because here's the truth: Ben Steele also had Arizona State ranked 13th on last week's ballot -- which means he either decided not to drop ASU for losing a home game to Princeton or simply didn't realize ASU lost a home game to Princeton. And I'm going to assume it's the latter -- if only because the former doesn't make a lick of sense. But, either way, I can't imagine how much backlash he's getting from the same Marquette fans who have been frustrated with my placement of the Golden Eagles in the Top 25 And 1.

Yes, I can acknowledge it's possible I have Marquette too low at No. 24 given what Marquette has accomplished to date. And, for what it's worth, on the latest episode of the CBS Sports Eye On College Basketball Podcast, I promised to correct that if Steve Wojciechowski's team wins Tuesday at St. John's.

But at least I have Marquette ahead of Arizona State!

That's more than Marquette's beat writer can say!

He had Marquette one spot below Arizona State last week. Then Arizona State suffered a home loss to Princeton, and he still has Marquette one spot below Arizona State. So leave me alone and tweet him, Marquette fans! And good luck at St. John's!

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