Poll Attacks: This is the week you decide to drop Michigan from No. 1?

A voter had Michigan No. 1 five straight weeks but dropped the Wolverines to fourth this week after a win at Minnesota. That makes no sense. But it's great for my Poll Attacks.

Associated Press poll: Cormac Gordon is a voter from the Staten Island Advance who started the season, like most others, with Indiana ranked No. 1. Nothing crazy there. And when the Hoosiers lost to Butler he moved Michigan to the top, which was probably wrong given Duke's body of work at the time but still defensible considering the Wolverines were 11-0 with victories over Kansas State and Pittsburgh.

So I did not Poll Attack Gordon for that.

Michigan went from 11-0 to 15-0 over the subsequent three weeks; Gordon kept the Wolverines No. 1 on his next three ballots. And he stuck with Michigan at No. 1 even after its loss at Ohio State on Jan. 13, which was a decision I didn't agree with but still kind of admired because it was an example of an AP voter understanding that a tough road loss isn't necessarily always a reason to drop your top-ranked team.

So I did not Poll Attack Gordon for that, either.

The Wolverines then made Gordon look good for sticking with them by going out and winning a road game against a Minnesota team that was ranked ninth nationally, and so you'd think Gordon would have Michigan ranked No. 1 again this week with exclamation marks and stuff, right?


Gordon's latest ballot has Michigan ranked ... fourth.



Understand that all Michigan did between last Monday and this Monday is beat Minnesota on the road, and yet Gordon -- a man who had ranked Michigan No. 1 for five straight weeks and even after a loss -- decided to drop the Wolverines from first to fourth behind Kansas, Duke and Syracuse. Last Monday, Gordon was the only voter out of 65 voters giving Michigan a No. 1 vote. Now he's one of just nine voters voting the Wolverines outside of the top three -- meaning nobody had Michigan ranked higher than Cormac Gordon had Michigan ranked last week, and now nobody has Michigan ranked lower than Cormac Gordan has Michigan ranked this week. And, remember, this significant drop came AFTER MICHIGAN WON AT MINNESOTA!

Can anybody possibly explain this logic?

How can you believe Michigan is No. 1 before and after it lost to Ohio State but not think Michigan is No. 1 after it won at Minnesota? Is it possible Cormac Gordon thinks Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr. got kicked off the team or something? That's the only way his sudden change in voting would make sense.

Coaches poll: Nobody was more on board than me with Illinois and its national ranking early because I'm a big believer in letting wins and losses speak for themselves, and the Illini were, at one point, 12-0 with victories over Butler and Gonzaga. They deserved everything they were getting. But now they've lost five of their past seven games and dropped to 14-5. One of those losses was to Purdue. The latest was at home to Northwestern by double digits. And in a week where no five-loss team is ranked, I can't begin to understand how Illinois got three points from the coaches considering the Illini are a five-loss team that's coming off a 68-54 loss at home to a Northwestern team that lost to Illinois-Chicago in December.

Come on, coaches.

Get it together.

It's been more than two weeks since Illinois last looked decent.

Even John Groce and Chief Illiniwek wouldn't argue with that sentence.

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