Poll Attacks: You jumped Cincinnati over Rhode Island after UC lost to the Rams?

I spend every Monday finding dumb stuff on AP ballots.

For some reason, it's never difficult.

Here is the latest Poll Attacks column ...

Associated Press poll: Doug Doughty writes for The Roanoke Times in Virginia. His Top 25 ballot from last week had Duke No. 1, Maryland No. 25, and 23 mostly reasonable things in between. He had Rhode Island ranked 24th. And Cincinnati was nowhere on his ballot. Truth be told, it all seemed fairly sensible to me.

But Doughty isn't making sense anymore.

Because Rhode Island and Cincinnati played basketball on a neutral court Saturday afternoon. URI won 76-71. And I'm not sure if Doughty considered that game when he updated his AP ballot, because his updated AP ballot looks like this:

No. 22: Cincinnati

No. 25: Rhode Island

What in the mother-loving world?

One voter didn't know Rhode Island beat Cincinnati on Saturday. USATSI

Just so I can make sure you understand what's happening here, please allow me to summarize (and repeat myself). Doughty had Rhode Island ranked 24th and Cincinnati unranked last week. Then Rhode Island beat Cincinnati on a neutral court, and Doughty responded by launching Cincinnati onto his ballot three spots ahead of the Rhode Island team that just beat Cincinnati. And he dropped Rhode Island one spot -- from 24th to 25th. So Cincinnati went from unranked to 22nd on his ballot. And Rhode Island dropped from 24th to 25th on his ballot. And this comes two days after Rhode Island beat Cincinnati on a neutral court.


My head is hurting.

How does this even happen?

And just so we're clear, I have no issue with anybody ranking Cincinnati. If you liked both Rhode Island and Cincinnati last week, it's perfectly reasonable to have them both ranked this week -- as long as you have URI ahead of UC, of course. But how can you leave Cincinnati unranked last week, watch the Bearcats lose to Rhode Island, and then drop Rhode Island while ranking Cincinnati three spots ahead of Rhode Island this week?

It's either dumb or an oversight.

Either way, it's wrong, wrong, wrong.

Coaches poll: I loved Connecticut in the preseason. I had the Huskies ranked in the top 20 of my Top 25 (and one) and picked to win the American Athletic Conference. Nice and talented roster Kevin Ollie had, I thought.

But the season started two Fridays ago.

And things haven't gone too well for UConn.

The Huskies are 1-2 with a loss to Wagner, a loss to Northeastern and a too-close-for-comfort win over Loyola Marymount. That's the resume. And yet UConn, amazingly, still got three points in the new Coaches poll.

Which suggests at least one coach is not paying attention.

Probably more.

But at least one.

(UPDATE: UConn lost again Monday night -- 98-90 to Oklahoma State. So things aren't getting better.)

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