Poll Attacks: You realize there were games Sunday, right?

Among the notable results from Sunday was Michigan's loss at Iowa State.

I'm not sure every AP voter realized it happened, though.

So that made the Poll Attacks simple.

Let's get it!

Associated Press poll: With Peyton Manning beating the previously undefeated Chiefs, Jimmie Johnson winning a sixth Sprint Cup title and Kenny Powers ending his run as one of television's greatest characters, Sunday was a busy day for all of us, I think. So I understand why some of you -- hell, even most of you -- might've missed the college basketball games.

But shouldn't AP voters at least keep up?

That's not too much to ask of an AP voter, is it?

I pose these questions because I just glanced at Mike Barber's ballot, and he apparently has no idea games were played Sunday. How else to explain him ranking Michigan eighth after a loss to Iowa State, North Carolina 11th after a loss to Belmont and Notre Dame 25th after a loss to Indiana State without ranking Iowa State, Belmont or Indiana State at all? I've seen a lot of wild ballots over the years; that's why I started doing the Poll Attacks. But I don't think I've ever seen a ballot that so obviously disregarded every result from a particular day -- either intentionally or carelessly. It's like Sunday never happened. It's bizarre. And making it even better is the fact that Mike ranked Michigan ninth last week, which means he actually moved the Wolverines up one spot after that loss at Iowa State, which suggests John Beilein's team is only a couple of more losses away from cracking Mike's top five. Go Blue!

Meantime, Doug Doughty ranked Michigan fifth.

Oddly, he is, like Mike Barber, from the state of Virginia.

So I'm seriously starting to wonder if everything is blacked-out in Virginia.

Coaches poll: Nobody likes Tennessee's roster more than me, and that roster is the reason I ranked the Vols in the preseason Top 25 (and one) and picked them to finish third in the SEC. The Vols are a talented group, and my opinion of them hasn't changed a week into the season. But, like I've explained many times, the results have to matter. And that's why UT shouldn't be getting nine points in the latest coaches poll if Xavier isn't getting any.

Tennessee and Xavier played last week, you see?

It was on Tuesday night and completely overshadowed by the Champions Classic. But the game still happened, and Xavier won that game 67-63 to move to 2-0 on the season. The Musketeers then beat Morehead State to move to 3-0. But at least one coach with a Top 25 vote either doesn't realize this or care, because the Vols got nine points in Monday's coaches poll and Xavier got zero. To be clear, I'm OK with somebody ranking Tennessee. But, at this point in the season, you can't reasonably rank Tennessee without also ranking Xavier when Xavier is 3-0 with a win over Tennessee and Tennessee is 1-1 with a loss to Xavier.

I'm not sure why this is so difficult for some people.

Come on, coaches poll.

Get it together.

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