Pro potential: Colleges boasting the most economic success in the NBA

Paul Pierce and David Lee are the highest earners among active NBA players from their schools. (USATSI)
Paul Pierce, left, and David Lee are the highest earners among NBA players from their schools. (USATSI)

Last May, we highlighted the most successful college programs in terms of producing NBA talent that went on to earn the most money. The website College Spun is the source of the research, and once again it's come up with the most recent tally of which teams can say they're producing top crop when it comes to economic success in the pros.

These stats, gaudy as they are, matter. Recruits pick major schools in large part based on their prospect of going pro. If a coach can point to this program's roster of NBA players and show a wide-eyed 17-year-old a path where his future can go, it's a big-tiem selling point.

College Spun has the top 20 programs listed, according to's database of player salaries.And by once again using's salary database, I've highlighted the biggest salary for each current school's most affluent former player.

Here are the top 10 individual money makers from each school in the top 10 overall.

10. Texas. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder ($16.5 million).
9. Georgia Tech
. Chris Bosh, Miami Heat ($19.1 million).
8. Kansas. Paul Pierce, Brooklyn Nets ($15.3 million).
7. Arizona
. Andre Iguodala, Golden State Warriors ($16 million).
6. North Carolina
. Ty Lawson, Denver Nuggets ($10.8 million).
5. Florida
. David Lee, Golden State Warriors ($13.9 million).
4. Duke. Carlos Boozer, Chicago Bulls ($15.3 million).
3. UCLA. Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder ($14.7 million).
2. Connecticut
. Rudy Gay, Sacramento Kings ($17.9 million).
1. Kentucky
. Rajon Rondo, Boston Celtics ($12 million).

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