Former UCLA standout Reeves Nelson is expected to this week file a $10 million lawsuit against Sports Illustrated and staff writer George Dohrmann in reaction to an article published last March that portrayed Nelson as a cancer inside the program who bullied and intentionally injured teammates until he was ultimately dismissed.

So Reeves Nelson isn't going down without a fight.

Which is fitting.

And though there's no way to know where this is headed or how far it'll get, what can't be good for Dohrmann and SI is that the lawsuit includes declarations from 18 UCLA players and ex-players who deny every allegation made against Nelson, according to Nelson's attorney is a man named Keith Fink who has previously worked for, among others, Courtney Love. Fink told TMZ he can prove Dohrmann "recklessly and negligently failed to investigate the claims in the article," among them that Nelson once placed Tyler Honeycutt's clothes on a bed and urinated on them.

"Nelson did not pile my clothes on my bed," Honeycutt is quoted as saying in the lawsuit. "And he certainly did not urinate on my clothes."

That's good to know.

Unless you're George Dohrmann.

Then it's a terrible thing to know (possibly) two months too late.