The impact of the corruption and bribery investigation being conducted by federal authorities into college basketball could soon send shock waves that shake the sport to its core ... again.

According to a report from Yahoo Sports, the discovery portion of the case has made clear that the 10 individuals arrested last fall could be just the tip of the iceberg of those eventually affected in the case. 

Wiretaps from 4,000 intercepted calls, thousands of documents and bank records obtained by raids and confiscated computers, and 330 days of monitoring activity conducted by federal investigators have potentially bombshell information that could compromise as many as 50 college basketball programs.

Many of those would widely be considered upper tier program, an anonymous source told Yahoo Sports.

This goes a lot deeper in college basketball than four corrupt assistant coaches," a source briefed on the details of the case told Yahoo Sports. "When this all comes out, Hall of Fame coaches should be scared, lottery picks won't be eligible to play and almost half of the 16 teams the NCAA showed on its initial NCAA tournament show this weekend should worry about their appearance being vacated.

As a reminder, here are the 16 teams that were named this weekend in the Bracket Preview show on CBS.

Seed Team Region
1 Virginia South (1)
2 Villanova East (2)
3 Xavier Midwest (1)
4 Purdue West (1)
5 Auburn Midwest (2)
6 Kansas West (2)
7 Duke East (2)
8 Cincinnati South (2)
9 Clemson Midwest (3)
10 Texas Tech East (3)
11 Michigan State South (3)
12 North Carolina West (3)
13 Tennessee South (4)
14 Ohio State East (4)
15 Arizona West (4)
16 Oklahoma Midwest (4)

On Wednesday night, ESPN reported that three dozen programs could be subject to NCAA scrutiny as it relates to the FBI probe.

Dependent upon the severity of the information likely to be released in the case -- and dependent upon when, if ever, the information gets released -- the FBI probe that has cast a cloud over the sport all season stands to potentially alter the sport as we know it.

But for now, the mysterious probe that has threatened the sport for months remains just that. Thus far, the NCAA has not gotten involved. And there is no guarantee that what has been discovered by federal authorities in the case will eventually be disclosed formally to the NCAA for review.

Only time will tell how, or if, the probe impacts college basketball.