Report: NCAA seeks 15-month delay in O'Bannon lawsuit

The NCAA asked a federal judge to delay the looming Ed O’Bannon vs. NCAA antitrust lawsuit by 15 months on Monday, USAToday reported. 

The trial is currently set for June 9, 2014, but the NCAA and co-defendants EA Sports and the Collegiate Licensing Company are each seeking various postponements. 

The latter two parties proposed a five-month delay on Monday while the NCAA wanted a trial set for August 28, 2015.

Former UCLA basketball star Ed O’Bannon, spearheading the case against the NCAA for using player likenesses, said that he hopes U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken will keep the current date.

The case, which initially began in May of 2009, has been re-scheduled and interrupted numerous times already.

Further complicating matters, EA also asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear two other cases, filed on Monday. One of those involved former Arizona State and Nebraska QB Sam Keller.

That case has now been lumped in with the rest of the plaintiffs of the O’Bannon lawsuit, although EA asked to delay that addition while waiting for a decision from the Supreme Court.

Both the NCAA and EA cited the Keller case on Monday, claiming that its potential inclusion “could have an impact on the O’Bannon case – and thus is among the reasons they cite in seeking a delay,” as USAToday wrote.

The last movement of any type occurred at a hearing on June 20 as the plaintiffs filed for class action certification, which essentially combines all of the potential lawsuits against the defendants into one giant litigation.

Wilken has yet to offer a ruling on that issue, and is also considering a modified version of the initial complaint which incorporates current athletes into the lawsuit. 

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