Rex Chapman on Calipari rumors: 'I'm not a journalist'

In case you were hibernating before Monday’s National Title game, Rex Chapman set Twitter ablaze when he “reported” that John Calipari would leave Kentucky -- regardless of the outcome of Monday’s game -- to coach the Lakers. In fact, he even hashtagged it, #donedeal.

In the ensuing hours, Kentucky lost a national title to UConn and Coach Cal decided not to “dignify” the rumors with a response. But he said this, anyway.

"The Lakers have a basketball coach. Kentucky has a basketball coach. I got the best job in the country. I’m not going to even dignify that stuff." If that wasn’t a strong enough repudiation of Chapman’s apparently errant tweet, the Lakers denied it, too.

So what happened?

"I treat Twitter like I’m talking to my friends,” he told the Dan Patrick Show, as if that was an acceptable answer for starting the rumor of all rumors. "I’m not a journalist. Never pretend to be. I interact with people. I’m not gonna, not gonna refrain from giving information that I hear just because it might upset some people."

“I said the word is that it was a done deal. That’s exactly what I said."

Chapman said his information came from two "very good sources," which is a curious characterization after both parties have denied the rumors.

Patrick asked him, specifically, if he believed the rumors, to which Chapman couldn’t even muster a straight answer. 

This entire episode comes off as disingenuous, and unless Calipari flips the script and winds up in “La La Land,” as Chapman put it, I’d suggest he crack open a big bottle of Kentucky bourbon to split with Rob Lowe.

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