Rick Pitino and his legal team will not go down without a fight, despite the likely termination of the embattled coach.

According to his attorney Steve Pence, who released documents on Monday, Pitino took a polygraph exam on October 6 -- nine days after he was placed on administrative leave for his alleged involvement in funneling $100,000 to Louisville freshman and former five-star recruit Brian Bowen -- and passed.

He was asked two questions regarding his involvement in funneling money to Bowen's family, and said "no" to both.

Carl Christiansen, a former FBI agent and licensed polygraph examiner, administered Pitino's test.

Pitino remains on unpaid administrative leave and was "effectively fired" by the university due to the nature of the FBI's findings linking him to Bowen's recruitment.

The Louisville Athletics Association is meeting Monday to discuss Pitino's employment status. And while the polygraph results will give Pitino's legal team an argument for why he deserves the money remaining on his contract, it's not likely to factor into his employment with the school. As a source told CBS Sports Insider Gary Parrish, Louisville has no intention of ever allowing Pitino to coach the Cardinals again.