Russ Smith vocalizes anger at FedEx for 'throwing away' his jersey

Anyone else ever lost something truly valuable by way of shipping or mail? It's a helpless process, mostly. When something disappears in the orbit of mail delivery, it's frustrating and almost always ends without resolution.

Now imagine losing one of the most valuable possessions of your life -- and losing it while trying to deliver it to your father. And losing it because you were asked to re-send the item due to a flaw in the packaging.

That's what happened to Russ Smith last week. And he took to Twitter to criticize FedEx for botching the delivery of his 2013 national championship jersey.

The company apparently lost the jersey. Rather: it unknowingly discarded it due to a cracked glass frame that the company opted not to continue shipping.

Disaster situation for Smith, who let his disappointment and anger be known.

The jersey -- tucked under a frame -- safely got to Smith's father's place in Brooklyn, N.Y., last week. But the frame was cracked. Per the Louisville Courier-Journal, "A FedEx representative said the box was discarded for safety reasons because of the broken frame and no one checked to see that the jersey was inside."

It made for a bittersweet weekend, as Smith walked for his graduation on Saturday at U of L. He sent along this picture on Instagram. Lifelong dream achieved, but lifelong article of achievement from his playing career could be gone forever.

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