Seth Davis' NCAA tournament No.1 seeds

In a few weeks the NCAA selection committee will be very busy on Selection Sunday, but in an attempt to speed up the process we’re going to get straight to the point with our projected No. 1 seeds. CBS Sports Network basketball analyst Seth Davis is dropping knowledge on what teams he feels are currently a step above the rest. However, in true college basketball form, these No.1 teams could change by the day or even by the hour.

“The No. 1 seed is one of the most overwrought and overrated conversations in all of sports,” Davis said. “It’s a symbolic thing more than anything. But it does give you a little bit of a better matchup in your first game so you can play a 16 seed as opposed to a 15 seed.”

Once you get to that the second game, you're playing an 8 or 9 seed and I don’t think there is much of an advantage.”

Being No. 1 is not a guarantee to win it all, but the odds are in your favor. Since 1985, when the tournament expanded to 64 teams, No. 1 seeds have won 17 of the 28 titles.

As symbolic as it may seems to Davis, No. 1 is still something every team desires and here are the four teams Davis thinks will reign come tournament time.

- Indiana (24-4) Midwest Region

The Hoosiers were recently knocked out of No. 1 in the national rankings but still are holding on to No. 1 in the Big Ten. Games against conference rivals Ohio State (March 5) and Michigan (March 10) remain on the schedule to determine their future.

- No. 5 Miami (22-4) South Region

Thanks to a loss to Wake Forest, Miami is no longer undefeated in the ACC but it's still a force to be reckoned with in the league.

- No. 3 Duke (24-3) East Region

The Blue Devils gain a slight advantage over Gonzaga due to their strength of schedule. The No. 1 seed is theirs if they can beat Miami and win the ACC.

- No. 9 Michigan State (22-6) West Region

Back-to-back Big Ten losses to Ohio State and Indiana weren’t good to Michigan State but the remaining schedule (Michigan, Wisconsin and Northwestern) and the postseason will help them prove their mettle.

Although some teams come into the tournament as a top dog, a No. 1 seed doesn’t protect them from the pitfalls of the tournament. They’re just as vulnerable as a lower seed. All it takes is one game and one shining moment to take a team from No. 1 to packing for home. 

Who do you think will be No.1 seeds in the tournament? Make your voice heard in the comment section below or on Twitter @Hoopsoncbs. You can also follow Adena Andrews on Twitter @adena_andrews.

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