Seth Davis: Official blew it in Iowa State's overtime loss to Kansas

Iowa State had a 97 percent chance of winning late in Monday night’s game against Kansas, according to That was until a series of events, including a blown call that led to the Cyclones losing to the Jayhawks, 108-96 in overtime.

The officials did not call a charge on Elijah Johnson as he drove to the basket in the closing seconds of regulation. Officials instead called a hold on Georges Niang of Iowa State in the ensuing scrum. Johnson went to the free-throw line and made both shots to send the game into overtime.

“It was a clear charge, in my view,” CBS Sports college analyst Seth Davis said. “At the very, very, very least you got to call something. There was contact and two bodies crumbled to the floor. What can I say, he blew it.”

After the game, the Big 12 immediately called for a review of the play but wouldn’t say if there was a blown call or what would happen to the official if indeed a charge should have been called.

Curtis Shaw, the league’s coordinator of officials, said because officials are independent contractors and not NCAA employees, the result of missing a call could affect receiving future assignments.

If the NCAA wanted to punish the officials any further, it would have to employ the officials full-time, but as Davis said, “it’s always been a question of dollars.”

Missing a game or two really isn’t enough of a punishment for not doing their job. With the current system, an official might miss a few assignments, but a player might never have another chance to get to the tournament because of the official’s error.

The punishment should match result of the crime.

How should the NCAA discipline the official if he’s found negligent? Make your voice heard in the comment section below or on Twitter @Hoopsoncbs. You can also follow Adena Andrews on Twitter @adena_andrews.

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