South Carolina coach Frank Martin was fined $25,000 for comments made about an official who issued him a technical foul during the Gamecocks' 65-41 home loss to Florida on Saturday. SEC commissioner Greg Sankey also issued a public reprimand for his comments.

Martin's comments were directed at official Lee Cassell, who wasn't mentioned by name but fit the profile of Martin's postgame description.

"I got a problem when our league office puts a guy on our game that got his break in the SEC and he turned his back on the SEC to go officiate other leagues," Martin said. "Why are we hiring that official to officiate SEC games? That's a problem."

The SEC cited the violation of bylaw Bylaw 10.5.4 in issuing Martin a reprimand and fine, regarding rules against public criticism of officials.

Martin, who has been a head coach for 11 years and with South Carolina since 2012, said he felt his behavior that elicited a technical foul during the loss was well within his rights as a veteran coach and didn't feel he was stepping out of line.

"I think I've earned my stripes on how I handle things," said Martin. "Eleven years as a head coach, I think today was my sixth technical foul in 11 years."